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Welcome! If you have come to this page, you are already a part of the rapidly growing group of people who would like to do more for the planet. Sustainability is a journey and once you have adopted the easy sustainability swaps, the next question is, what can I do more? Here are a few steps that you can take in your life for your and the planet's well being. 

a) Segregate your waste - Waste Segregation creates the single biggest impact in managing plastic pollution. Learn how to do it here

b) Compost your wet waste - With easy home composting solutions, it won't take you even 5 min every day to inculcate composting as a daily habit. Kitchen waste forms 50% of the Indian household waste - and if treated at source throuch composting, reduces massive load on the planet. Hassle free composting is guaranteed with the range of composters, compost bricks and the support that our content provides. Read this if you are unsure about how to start. 

c) Make bio enzymes at home

- Did you know that you can make completely natural cleaners at home? Learn how you can make Bio Enzyme based cleaners. You can also buy home made bio enzyme based cleaners at awenest.

On this page, we have listed a few options for you to start home composting and other sustainability solutions. Let us create a greener planet and a healthier life for all of us. 

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