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10% off on your 1st order. Use code PF10

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awenest is an impact-oriented brand where we help, build and support the community we thrive in. We take pride in our efforts to inculcate inclusivity, and we want to extend it to the planet as well.

Plastic has become omnipresent over the past few decades. While innovations in eradicating plastic from our daily lives are in progress, it is equally important to recover the plastic that has already been discarded in the environment. We are partnering with ReCircle in their Plastic Neutral Program to mitigate its effects on the environmental, social and economic fronts of the plastic waste industry.

Step One

Collection: Low-value, multi-layered packaging (MLP) plastic waste is collected from informal waste workers, landfills and dumping grounds, and waste generators like households, offices and institutions.

Step two

Pre-processing: This collected plastic is brought to a segregation facility to further sort and cleaned, if need be. Then, it is pre-processed by baling or shredding.

Step three

Processing: The pre-processed plastic waste is dispatched for final processing to relevant processors. It is used as raw material for conversion to energy, road-making or other alternative applications like recycling.


Our certification will be accompanied by traceability documents, which will be shared on our platform along with ReCircle and anyone can reach out to us to see the documents. 

Waste is waste only if you treat it so. With ReCircle, it is a resource. Make your waste matter in the following steps :

1. Collect all your recyclables (paper, plastic, metal, glass). 

2. Sign up with ReCircle at https://www.recircle.in/ 

3. Find the drop-off point closest to you at https://www.recircle.in/web_service_dropoff/

4. And Voila ! Recycle!