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Recycling Partners

to help you recycle

At awenest, we always strive to do things right. We are working relentlessly to find zero-waste solutions for all our requirements. In addition, we aim to enable the recycling eco-system for our community as well. We have built collaborations with waste-recycling experts across India and are working very hard to expand this coalition against waste in many more new geographies.

Earth’s resources have been stretched beyond limits by the expanding human population and its needs. Recycling enables us to use the same material more often - reducing our impact on the planet. 

Recycling stops a lot of unwanted products from getting into landfills and dumps - which are an eyesore for any city, cause pollution, and are public health hazards. Waste from the dumps enters our water and lands, in the form of microplastic, which we eventually ingest, either directly or indirectly, through water and food. 

We strongly urge you to recycle your waste - with our recycling partners, this has become as easy as dialing a number or clicking a button.

You can follow a simple 5 step process to start your journey of recycling today and encourage others to join in.

Step 1-  Register yourself by clicking on the link given below for your respective location.

Step-2- Understand the waste segregation and collection process specified by our recycling partner (this takes a few minutes, but hey, our planet needs this).

Step-3- Schedule a pickup or visit to a drop location with our recycling partner.

Step 4- Donate your proceeds or retain it based on the policies of the recycling partner.

Step 5- Spread the word on social media to encourage more people to join in and while you are there, do tag us


City Locality

Recycling Partner





  1. Dahisar to Churchgate,

  2.  Thane, Bhandup, Chembur, Powai


Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Kolkata


The recycling partner list is continuously being updated. In case you are a recycling partner or aware of any recycling partner in your city, please reach out to us at