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shopper values

what are different shopper values we have considered?

Each one of us is a consumer – and what we consume defines us. Our choices as consumers decide the fate of this planet and its inhabitants. It also impacts our health and the kind of values we will embed in our children. We must choose wisely. 

In our attempt to understand what is important to our planet and our patrons, we identified several values which we hadn’t thought of intuitively. We decided that if these values are important to you and are relevant to earth’s future, they should be our core. We decided to be extremely particular about product selection – and while our choices get limited by our stringent norms, we have decided to choose values over a larger assortment. Please keep in mind that we will make our product selection rules even more stringent every day and get better at bringing to you the most planet-friendly solution to you. While some values are standard and hence, our interpretation is not needed (eg Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic), some of the terminologies require explanation, and have been described below: 

100% Indian Origin: Locally sourced items are good from many perspectives – they are good for us as our body is attuned to them across generations, they benefit the local economy and have lower emission in general as distance travelled by the ingredient is lesser. This is different from ‘Made in India’. If an ingredient is imported but assembled in India, that is ‘Made in India’ but not ‘100% Indian Origin’.  

Plastic-Free: No plastic in the product packaging 

90% Less Plastic: In some categories, we were not able to find a plastic-free item. So we chose the next best thing – items with minimal plastic in them

Woman Founded Business: One or all co-founders are women

If any of our values are confusing to you, do write to us and we will provide a detailed explanation of the same