how does India play an exciting role in UNEP's vision to fight plastic pollution

how does India play an exciting role in UNEP's vision to fight plastic pollution

find out how India can help fight plastic pollution in collaboration with UNEP
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India's significant role in UNEP’s vision to beat plastic pollution globally


The plastic bag that has been used conveniently for years is now a threat to the planet. We are all aware of the harm it has caused & can potentially cause to human health, other species, and to the environment. As a result, UNEP has come up with a resolution addressing the full lifecycle of plastic. It has decided to deal with the production, designing & disposal aspects to bring an end to this threat. 


“UNEP resolutions on plastic” is the latest action taken collectively by many countries to curb plastic pollution. Let’s get a better understanding of what is UNEP and how they are going to implement this resolution in the coming years. 


what is UNEP?

UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) is a part of the United Nations formed in the year 1972. It is the leading environmental authority in the UN that addresses environmental issues at regional, countries, and global levels. Under the leadership of UNEP, United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) is conducted in Nairobi, Kenya roughly every 2 years. 


Ministers of environment, heads of state, and other officials gather in this assembly, set priorities for global environmental policies, and bring forward sustainable international environmental law. The recent UNEA took place from 28th February 2022 to 2nd March 2022 in Nairobi through an online medium. 


why was this UNEA a historic one?

This assembly considered three draft resolutions to take global action on plastic pollution. Out of these, one of the draft resolutions was submitted by India which called for immediate collective voluntary action by countries. It has been decided to form a global legally binding agreement by the end of 2024 to work on the issue of plastic pollution. This was agreed upon by the 175 UN members present in the assembly. 


In order to initiate the formation of this agreement, an Intergovernmental negotiating committee (INC) will begin its work in 2022. India has engaged with all other member countries in forming INC to work on the agreement. Here’s how the flow is expected to go after the UNEA conducted in March 2022 - 


  • UNEP will convene the forum by the end of 2022. This will be open to all the members who can share knowledge and best practices to curb plastic pollution. 


  • The solutions shared should be backed by science and research and the progress of the same will have to be reported over a period of 2 years. 


  • At the end of 2 years, UNEP will conduct a diplomatic conference to adopt the outcome and open it for signatures. 


  • This will then form the global legally binding agreement by the end of 2024 addressing the issue of plastic pollution. 


  • The legally binding agreement will have diverse alternatives to address the full lifecycle of plastics, designing reusable, recyclable products & materials. It also intends to bring forward international collaboration to facilitate access to technology, capacity building & technical cooperation. 


During this assembly, India brought forward an important aspect for the developing countries. It insisted that the resolutions should give space to the national circumstances and capabilities of developing countries while implementing the resolution. It requested the assembly to allow developing countries to follow their development trajectories. 


why is this the need of the hour?

The whole world is collectively working to reduce the harm caused by plastic and reduce further addition to the plastic dump. The reason is simple, it is no more just a problem. It has become an epidemic that needs serious attention. Here are some shocking facts that came forward during UNEA - 


  • More than 800 marine and coastal species are affected by this pollution. Ingestion, entanglement, and other dangers cause death. 
  • Some 11 million tonnes of plastic waste flow annually into the oceans. This number is expected to triple by 2040. 
  • Exposure to plastic can potentially affect fertility, hormonal metabolism, and neurological activity. 
  • Plastic production has increased from 2 million tonnes in 1950 to 348 million tonnes in 2017. This is further expected to double in 2040. 


As a ray of hope, a circular economy has been suggested in the UNEA to reduce the volume of plastics entering the oceans. A circular economy is a systematic approach to the overall development of a country that considers these 4 aspects - 


  • How we manage resources
  • How we make products
  • How we use products
  • What we do with the materials afterward


With a circular economy, the volume of plastics entering the oceans can be reduced by over 80% by 2040, reduce virgin plastic production by 55% and gain many benefits on an environmental level. 


what are you going to do with all this information?

These huge committees and assemblies working on a global level are a sign that the threat is real and huge. We just want you to know that it’s time to act. A decision made in UNEA will not be effective if a citizen is not responsible for their choices, shopping patterns, and product usage. UNEP resolution on plastic is a wake-up call for us as humans to start acting. 

Citizens make a country and each country in the UN assembly will be successful when we initiate the change. The implementation and success of UNEP resolution will be visible over a period of time, whereas you can begin the journey of saving the planet ‘NOW’.


Observe around you and start doing what you can, wherever you can, and see the difference you create. We are here to help you with some eco-friendly products and accessories to support your sustainable living. If you ever need us, we are just a click away. 




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