Our standards

Our innovation-backed ingredients are derived from plants, made stronger with science. We take pride in creating game changing products that give you a toxin-free home without compromising on performance.

High Performance

No Toxin

Plant Based

Pet and Baby Safe

Meet the minds of awenest


Founder, CEO

An alumnus of IIM Bangalore and NIT Trichy, Kinshuk has done almost every assignment possible in retail, from private label and merchandising to tech integrations. Depending on what is his focus area for that day, you can have a conversation with him on a brand made of celebration and happy colors, merchandise strategy, or product development.


Founder, COO

His agri background (Indian Institute of Plantation Management) and sourcing and operations experience (Aditya Birla Retail, Food World amongst others) give him the knowledge of all the grains in the country, and he can go to any length to get the most precious and authentic ingredients for his customers.


Founder, CMO

An alumnus of NIT Trichy and IIM Lucknow, Atul's rich marketing experience across corporations (LG, Idea, Motorola) and his matter-of-fact thinking make for his own brand of honest and intellectual marketing. He wants to make Toxin-free living the only way to live. With his saintly demeanor and his deductive powers similar to that of a spy, we do not doubt that he is going to make his dream come true.