how most bathroom cleaners are toxic for the environment

how most bathroom cleaners are toxic for the environment

how bathroom cleaners are destroying Mother earth and why natural cleaners are better

What are natural cleaners and why are regular cleaners bad?

With so much faith and hope, we bring the best bathroom cleaners from the market. We feel that they protect us and kill all kinds of germs. However, the originality is a little different here. 

The components of chemical bathroom cleaners have the potential to harm you. Toxic chemicals residing in such cleaners not only kill the germs but also harm your health. That is why we need natural cleaners for the bathroom. Let’s have a detailed look at the drawbacks of using such cleaners and the solution to it.


what do our bathroom cleaners contain?

Ready-to-use bathroom cleaners available in the market contain harmful chemicals. These include Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium lauryl ether sulfate, Cetrimonium chloride, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium hypochlorite, and many others. Such chemicals are absent in natural cleaners. These chemicals have the potential to -

  • Create an irritation to the skin and eyes
  • Cause asthma, coughing, or breathing problems
  • Cause dermatitis resulting in dry, sore, or flaky skin
  • Cause damage to tissues due to their corrosive nature


now, you might be thinking that we don’t directly touch the cleaner, then how can they impact us?

According to new research published in the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, women who have worked as cleaners with certain chemical products have shown a greater decline in their lung functioning.

The chemicals become a part of the atmosphere. You breathe them in, every time you visit the washroom. The chemicals in the atmosphere are strong enough to leave an impact. Also, daily cleaning the bathroom increases your exposure to chemicals.


It’s not just about you, Mother Earth is also at stake…

Natural cleaners are needed because these chemical cleaners don’t just harm you, but also the planet. This harm results into-

  • water & air pollution

The harmful chemicals used in your bathroom merge into the water bodies. This leads to a huge amount of pollution. These water bodies include rivers and streams. The pollutions persist in the environment, harming the creatures living inside. Chemical compounds used in the cleaners not only affect indoor air quality but also add to outdoor pollution.

  • waste generation

The containers in which such chemicals are stored are not recyclable or reusable. These eventually end up in the landfills adding up to the current plastic waste. Moreover, hazardous materials in the chemicals require a special disposal treatment and result in more energy and time consumption.


actions for better health and a cleaner planet!

Natural bathroom cleaners are the best way to keep your bathroom clean without any harm. These are made of natural and friendly components that won't harm your health. The multiple ingredients that might be used in natural cleaners for the bathroom include-

  • Citrus fruit peels of lemon or orange
  • Soapnut
  • Essential oil
  • Salt
  • Baking Soda

The above mentioned are some of the few items that are used in making natural cleaners. There are much more variations and other ingredients that can be added to the list. However, every ingredient used will have no harmful impact on your health. Also, the packaging of natural cleaners will be either recyclable or reusable as the materials are safe and non-toxic.


benefits of natural cleaners

Non-toxic cleaners make it easier for you to carry out the cleaning process. The further benefits are as follows -

  • Reduces exposure to toxic substances
  • Cleaning without any kind of skin or breathing irritation
  • Safe for all, children, aged & animals
  • Improves air quality
  • Cost-effective
  • Makes your bathroom smells better
  • Reusable and recyclable bottles


are you ready to initiate the change?

Having read about the impact of chemical-filled cleaners on your health and the planet, now you know the importance of natural cleaners. However, awareness is the first step towards change. The second step is to initiate an action and take a step towards safe and sustainable living.

We have a collection of the best natural cleaners for bathrooms and toilets from some sustainable brands. This includes Beco, Ecosys & Praanapoorna. Be an aware buyer and join a million others in saving the planet and living a healthy life. At awenest, we have also launched 100% plant-based cleaner range available here



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