Rakshabandhan 2023 is making its way, and now is the right time to explore sustainable gifts for your sister!

Rakshabandhan 2023 is making its way, and now is the right time to explore sustainable gifts for your sister!

Celebrate Rakshabandhan 2023 with a thoughtful twist: Embrace sustainability by choosing eco-friendly gifts for your sister that show your love for her and the planet.
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Rakshabandhan 2023 is making its way, and now is the right time to explore sustainable gifts for your sister!


Every year, people buy gifts to express love and joy to their sisters. However, are these gifts making the planet equally happy and healthy? Or is it the other way around? The wrappers and boxes of sweets increase, over-consumption of single-use gifts and excessive plastic packaging increase the waste in the landfill. The question amidst all these issues is how do we find presents that nourish the planet or at least do not increase the trash?  


This blog shares the 10 best sustainable gifting options to help you celebrate a healthier Rakshabandhan. Read ahead to find the ten best sustainable gifts for this festive season for your sister or brother. 

Celebrate Rakshabandhan 2023 with these sustainable gifts!


  1. Graphite Black and Silver Gift Box

Make your sustainable gifts a way to distribute sweetness and joy with these gift boxes. The Date House especially brings you a chocolate box with 16 pieces of delicacy. The combination of chocolate, almond and dates brings a majestic taste to every bit of this dessert. It is an excellent gift for your sister or the family. Everyone will cherish the sweetness and richness of this dessert.  


Being a part of the sustainable gifts collection, the packaging of this box is recyclable in any nearby recycling centre. Enjoy this festive season with the healthiest dessert. 


  1. Sustainable Eco-Friendly Gift Kit

Give your loved one’s an opportunity to try a sustainable way of living through sustainable gifts. This eco-friendly gift kit is the perfect way to remind them to change their habits lovingly. It includes a pika pouch, upcycled coconut bowls, candles, a bamboo toothbrush and cutlery. 


Gifting them a sustainable kit will allow them to explore the possibility of using bamboo, coconut and other recyclable materials in their daily life. It is the perfect kit for Rakshabandhan 2023 which is useful and planet friendly. 


  1. Glowing Skin Gift Hamper

Is your sister a skin-care follower who has a fixed morning and night routine? Then, this gift is the best for her. The Glowing Skin Gift Hamper includes cherry blossom body yogurt, pink sorbet face-body scrub, sangria lip balm, and neem shuddhi lip balm. Made with all the natural ingredients, these products are healthy for the body. 


Gift these handmade goodies to your dear ones and tell them how much they mean to you. The best gifts for Rakshabandhan 2023 are the ones that are helpful, vegan and planet friendly. 


  1. The Hygiene Conscious Kit

Is your sister hygiene conscious in every aspect of her life? Then, this kit will be the best gift for her. It is one of the best sustainable gifts to make cleaning work in the kitchen easier. The kit includes a jar cleaner, four scrubbers, a vegetable cleaner and a pan-cleaning brush. Using a single cloth or scrubber for multiple purposes can lead to unhygienic life. 


Gift a healthy life this Rakshabandhan with his plastic-free and chemical-free hygienic kit. This way, they will avoid using plastic cleaners and support the planet. 


  1. The Lip Care Duo

One of the most crucial parts of our face is the lips. While carrying out the self-care routine, sometimes people miss out on caring for them. Lips do not get the needed attention and focus. This lip care duo solely focuses on nourishing and nurturing the lips. The Lavender Lip scrub will remove the dead skin and dried parts. The Peppermint Lip balm will nurture them by providing the needed moisture.  


  1. Empyral Tan Hamper

Is your sister a foodie? Then, this gift deserves to be her’s in Rakshabandhan 2023. If receiving tasty and yummy food is her love language, you cannot miss out on this hamper. The Empyral Tan Hamper has amazing food and beverage collections that will keep her joyful for the coming months. 


Such sustainable gifts are not only healthy but also tasty. The hamper includes organic date coffee, pizza barbeque cashew and chocolate hazelnut spread. Give her something to sip on when she is having me-time on rainy days while reading a book or watching a movie. 


  1. Natural Coffee Skincare Combo

Coffee is an amazing ingredient that makes you happy when you drink or apply it on the side. This natural skincare coffee combo makes your skin glow when used regularly. The body scrub is a chemical-free product that exfoliates the skin best. The night cream with the richness of coffee will help fight dark circles, fine lines, reduce puffiness, and give you a young and healthy look. 


  1. Chirping Forest Hamper

Chirping Forest Hamper is one of the best sustainable gifts to satisfy every palette of sweet and savoury taste. It is the best gift for someone obsessed with seeds, nuts and organic tea. The healthy hamper includes roasted pumpkin seeds, whole wheat cookies, organic date tea, and Nuts ‘n’ Seeds mix. Every package in this hamper is 100% natural and has 0% preservatives. 


  1. Eco Happy Travel Kit

Such sustainable gifts are best for travellers. If your sister has to travel a lot due to work or other commitments, she will love this gift. The eco-happy travel kit includes a steel spoon, fork, knife, bamboo toothbrush, napkin, paper pen and pencil. The traveller bag is easily attachable to your bags or pants. Make their travelling easy with this thoughtful gift. Also, this Rakshabandhan 2023 gift will remind her of you wherever she goes!  


  1. Good Food Gift Box


Is growing food a passion for your loved one? Then, this good food gift box is an amazing DIY activity for her. The microgreen growing kit is ideal for adults and children to grow healthy food. In the growing kit, you will find, a pack of 2-2 jute trays, 2 seed packs, 2 soil cakes, a sprayer and cutter, upcycled coconut bowl, bamboo cutlery set. Experience the journey of growing your microgreens and enjoy a healthy meal. 

Did you select a gift? 

This list shares unique gifts you can buy for this festive season. You can also take inspiration and make a DIY present with sustainable materials. After all, handmade gifts reflect love and effort too! So, whatever you choose to do, buy it or make it yourself, make sure that it’s a sustainable one!


Brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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