Water is life!

Water is life!

4 ways to keep our water reservoirs clean with the awenest plant-based cleaners!

4 ways to keep our water reservoirs clean with the awenest plant-based cleaners!


The month of March is considered memorable when it comes to water. Every year, 22nd March is observed as World Water Day. It is celebrated to spread awareness about the water crisis we are facing. The amount of consumable water is reducing daily. Also, the existing water resources are being polluted in many different ways. 


Water is a common thread that connects all living beings, not just humanity. Animals, birds, plants and all living organisms need water, making it the most crucial resource for this planet. 


The main concerns regarding water include water scarcity, water pollution, inadequate water supply, and the impacts of climate change. This ‘World Water Day’ is an opportunity to take steps towards solving these problems.


As an individual, there are many things that you can do to preserve water. 

It includes - 


  • Practising responsible use of water

  • Share awareness with people around you 

  • Using plant-based cleaners to keep the water bodies chemical-free

  • Storing groundwater

  • Reusing water for multiple purposes


If you are wondering whether a small action can change the world, then we want to tell you, 



Awenest and its plant-based cleaners can keep the water bodies chemical free. The blog shares 4 ways to help save the water bodies with these plant-based cleaners!


4 ways to keep the water reservoirs chemical free with plant-based cleaners from awenest!


  1. Ditch the chemical-based cleaners!


How do you buy your cleaners? 


Is the choice based on the fragrance/packaging or the brand? 


This blog will change the way you make decisions while buying your cleaners the next time. The so-called powerful cleaners available in the market contain ammonia, ethylene glycol monobutyl acetate, sodium hypochlorite, trisodium phosphate, phthalates and many other chemicals. 


While cleaning floors, bathrooms, and kitchen counters, you come in contact with these cleaners. They enter your body through your skin and respiratory system. It causes mild symptoms like irritation and headache. In the long term, they have the potential to cause chronic respiratory problems, weak immune systems, and infection in the eyes, nose and throat. 


Moreover, these cleaners end up in the water bodies when used regularly in households. We always blame Industries and factories for releasing harmful chemicals into the water bodies.

Are we doing any different? 


We release such chemical-filled cleaners into the rivers through our household use. 


So, the first step is to ditch these chemical-based cleaners and choose eco-friendly curated products. 


  1. Choose the awenest plant-based floor cleaner & dishwash


Once you ditch chemical-based cleaners, explore eco-friendly cleaners. They are safe for your home and healthy for the planet. Awenest is here with a plant-based dishwash and floor cleaner. The dish wash is made with neem and lemon, whereas the floor cleaner contains basil and citronella to keep the germs away. 


These cleaners are healthy for your kids and pets. The absence of harmful chemicals makes these cleaners best for your home. 


  1. Less is more 


The awenest plant-based cleaners are available in concentrated form. Just a few drops of the gel are enough to clean. A 180 ml bottle can be diluted to form 720 ml of cleaner. This way, you only need less concentration to clean the dishes and floor. A single bottle will last for months. 


  1. Return the bottle or reuse it.


Chemical-filled cleaners make it extremely difficult to reuse the bottles. However, when it comes to plant-based cleaners from awenest, the bottles can be reused after one wash. 

Awenest is also open to accepting empty bottles if you choose to return them. All you need to do is WhatsApp on 9920843845 for collection. 


By reusing the bottle or returning it, you reduce the waste that would have ended up in the landfill. Globally, we generate 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually. Not all of it gets recycled properly. In the landfills, it keeps polluting the land, water and air in the surrounding area. This pollution reduces with every bottle you return or reuse. 

Water is life!


Water is an integral part of our lives. It needs to be preserved for the coming generations. Having easy access to water today should never be taken for granted. Your presence in the privileged parts of the planet makes you feel that water is easily accessible. 1 in every 3 people globally lives without safe drinking water. 


This makes it crucial for us to mindfully use and preserve the water resources we have. Take your first step towards chemical-free living with our plant-based cleaner concentrate. 


brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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