awenest toxin-free, plant-based floor cleaner disinfectant
awenest plant-based turmeric, basil, citronella floor cleaner
awenest plant-based turmeric, basil, citronella floor cleaner
awenest plant-based turmeric, basil, citronella floor cleaner
awenest plant-based turmeric, basil, citronella floor cleaner
awenest plant-based floor cleaner
Plant-based Basil, Turmeric, Citronella Floor Cleaner
Plant-based Citronella floor cleaner

4X Concentrated Floor Cleaner

100% Plant-based 4X Concentrated Floor Cleaner

Ever wondered what nostalgia smells like? You will find out with our 100% plant based toxin-free floor cleaner concentrate.
It is infused with turmeric, basil and citronella. It is a concentrate - 4 times concentrated precisely, So a 500 gram bottle of this cleaner is equivalent to 2 Litres of any other floor cleaner liquid.
For a delightful price, you get a no-toxin 100% plant-based product which is extremely powerful as well.

Sale priceRs. 189
MRP Regular price Rs. 229 (Inclusive of all taxes)
Save 17%
Size180 ml equals 720 ml

100% Plant-based Floor Cleaner. 4 times more concentrated than your regular Floor Cleaner



Quick Summary
Money Back Promise

Top class fragrance and performance!


Cleaning power of tulsi.


Turmeric and citronella Repels insects naturally.


Certified toxin-free


100% plant-based.


Sulphates free, paraben free


Baby safe, pet safe


4 times concentrated, 500 ml is equivalent to 2 L regular floor cleaner. Use only 5 ml per usage. Only Rs.1.5 per use

  • NO TOXINS, 0% HARMFUL CHEMICALS: awenest natural Floor Cleaner concentrate is 100% Plant-based.
  • awenest Floor Cleaner concentrate has 0% Phosphates, Parabens, SLS, ammonia, Chlorine, EDTA.
  • NO ADDED COLORS or FRAGRANCES. This product is 100% Natural, Plant Based, Biodegradable, Non Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Herbal.
  • awenest Floor cleaner is formulated with the natural cleansing power of LEMON and TURMERIC.
  • With CITRONELLA and BASIL your house smells fresh and insects are kept at bay.
  • Despite its powerful cleaning abilities, this floor cleaner is SAFE and ensures that harmful chemicals are kept at bay

Try awenest cleaners risk free! From the date of your order's arrival, take your time to wash, clean, spray, and smell the awenest experience. Should you decide we aren't right for you, contact our customer support team to let us know how it’s going, and if you are not satisfied, we will provide you with a full refund no questions asked! You need to call us in the first 10 days after receiving your product - that's all! *Not applicable for Hygiene products

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Manufacturing Information


awenest plant-based turmeric, basil, citronella floor cleaner

DM water , Lauryl Glucoside (Plant Based) , Sodium Bicarbonate , Coconut Vinegar
Sodium Gluconate (Plant Based) , Sodium Benzoate (Food Grade)
Turmeric root Extract , Lemon peel oil , Cardamom seed extract , Basil oil, Orange peel Oil, Citronella

Sulphate Free
BKC Free
Formalin Free
awenest plant-based floor cleaner with no SLS/SLES, no ammonia, phosphates, paraben

What's in our Floor Cleaner?

No SLS, No SLES, No synthetic fragrance, No Phosphates, No parabens, No formaldehydes

You will not smell anything like this ever!

Turmeric gives anti-bacterial and anti-fungal power to our floor cleaner

Oil spill on floor? No problem!

No petroleum extracts, no dioxanes

How to Use

4X concentrated floor cleaner. 500 ml awenest concentrated floor cleaner = 2 L regular floor cleaner


Add only 5 ml floor cleaner to 4 L water for mopping a 2 bedroom house


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We’re making products that are good for you and the planet.

With No-toxin, plant-based products that are free from harmful chemicals like ammonia, BKC, paraben, SLES we ensure that the impact of our products on your health and the health of the planet is minimal.

We have concentrates in our product range to minimize the carbon footprint our products have through reduced weight during transportation and use of lesser resources.

We use recycled plastic wherever possible. We also use glass bottles for our high density concentrates. In cases, where the above is not possible, we use recyclable plastic bottles. We are continuously working on solutions to reduce our net impact on the planet

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
PurePlant 4X Concentrated Floor Cleaner: Nature's Power, Quadrupled!"

PurePlant 4X Concentrated Floor Cleaner has revolutionized my cleaning routine! With its potent plant-based formula, a little goes a long way in achieving spotless floors. I love knowing that I'm using a product that's not only effective but also environmentally friendly. Plus, the convenience of a concentrated formula means fewer trips to the store and less plastic waste. Whether it's tackling spills or just refreshing my floors, PurePlant delivers exceptional results every time. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a powerful yet eco-conscious cleaning solution."


'this product is very effective.

i found no difference between chemical and this one'


'Got this at zerowaste lifestyle bootcamp 2.0 , this works very well. Very effective and smells good.'


'Their plant-based dishwash and handwash are remarkable, offering a perfect combination of effectiveness and sustainability. It's a good switch for environment and your health as well.'


'I like the product. The smell is also good and my dishes do not smell thing is that it's liquid based product .'