awenest toxin-free, plant-based powder to liquid floor cleaner disinfectant with lavender
awenest No-toxin powder to liquid disinfectant lavender floor cleaner
awenest No-toxin powder to liquid disinfectant floor cleaner
SLES-free, BKC free, Paraben-free, Formalin-free, LABSA-free
awenest No-toxin powder to liquid disinfectant lavender floor cleaner
awenest No-toxin powder to liquid disinfectant floor and bathroom cleaner
awenest No-toxin powder to liquid disinfectant floor cleaner
awenest No-toxin powder to liquid disinfectant floor cleaner

No-Toxin Floor Cleaner

Plant-based Powder to Liquid Floor Cleaner

Good things come in small packages! This product packs so much power in it - and is absolutely the cutest! 6 small sachets which will give you enough floor cleaners to last you months! Certified toxin-free, delightfully value for money, high performance and a fantastic smell ! Use it once to get hooked.

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MRP Regular price Rs. 349 (Inclusive of all taxes)
Save 23%
Size2.1 Liter Kit

Powder to Liquid Floor Cleaner Sachets with 1 Eternity Bottle



Quick Summary
Money Back Promise

Powerful floor cleaning at great value

Certified toxin-free

Pack of 6 sachets. Each sachet makes 350 ml floor cleaner

Free of SLES, paraben, formalin and LABSA.

Best value toxin-free floor cleaner in town!

Per litre price only Rs 141

NO-TOXIN formulation - Plant-based ingredients to keep toxic residues away from your floor and home. No Harmful chemicals like SLES, Paraben, Ammonia, BKC, Formalin.

Plant-based ingredients are safe for kids and pets in the home.

Highly EFFECTIVE against grease and burnt surfaces for clean, sparkling dishes. Lavender fragrance to keep your home smell like nature and fresh.

Try awenest cleaners risk free! From the date of your order's arrival, take your time to wash, clean, spray, and smell the awenest experience. Should you decide we aren't right for you, contact our customer support team to let us know how it’s going, and if you are not satisfied, we will provide you with a full refund no questions asked! You need to call us in the first 10 days after receiving your product - that's all! *Not applicable for Hygiene products

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Manufacturing Information


No SLES, BKC, Paraben, Formalin, LABSA Floor cleaner

Plant-based surfactants, sodium benzoate, mineral salts, CI 45430, CI 42535, plant based sodium lauryl sulphate.
Plant-based surfactants give this floor cleaner a superior grease and grime removing power, lavender essence gives your home a refreshing aroma

awenest toxin-free, plant-based powder to liquid floor cleaner with no labsa, sles, BKC, LABSA, formalin, paraben

What's in our Cleaner?

No BKC, No SLES, No parabens, No formaldehydes, No LABSA

Need some deep cleaning? Our floor cleaner is designed for it!

Our lavender essence keep your floor smelling like a valley of long lasting flowers

Superb actives that exceeds your expectations and leaves your floor sparkling clean

How to Use

1 sachet (15 g powder) + 350 ml water = 360 ml floor cleaner liquid

Add water till 350 ml mark in ETERNITY BOTTLE, pour one sachet (15 g), shake and leave it to rest for one hour. You are done!


Add 15 ml of this liquid to 4 L of water for toxin-free mopping of your entire home.


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We’re making products that are good for you and the planet.

With No-toxin, plant-based products that are free from harmful chemicals like ammonia, BKC, paraben, SLES we ensure that the impact of our products on your health and the health of the planet is minimal.

We have concentrates in our product range to minimize the carbon footprint our products have through reduced weight during transportation and use of lesser resources.

We use recycled plastic wherever possible. We also use glass bottles for our high density concentrates. In cases, where the above is not possible, we use recyclable plastic bottles. We are continuously working on solutions to reduce our net impact on the planet

Customer Reviews

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Vanjarapu Srinivasa Rao

Till now we didn’t get the order. How can I rate your product

EcoFloors Plant-Based Floor Cleaner: Nature's Touch for Sparkling Clean Floors!"

EcoFloors has completely transformed my cleaning routine! As someone passionate about sustainability, I was thrilled to discover a plant-based floor cleaner that actually works wonders. It effortlessly dissolves dirt and grime, leaving behind a streak-free shine and a subtle, refreshing scent. I feel good knowing that I'm not only keeping my home clean but also contributing to a healthier planet. EcoFloors is definitely a must-have for anyone looking to make greener choices in their household cleaning products."

green and clean

superb cleaning ability and smell

Superb performance

loved the fragrance, very cost-effective. Super easy to make.

"Eco-Friendly Excellence: Reviewing Plant-Based Floor Cleaner Powder to Liquid"

I recently tried the plant-based floor cleaner powder that transforms into liquid upon mixing with water, and I'm thoroughly impressed. This eco-friendly cleaner not only effectively removes dirt and grime but also leaves behind a refreshing scent. I appreciate that it's made from natural ingredients, making it safe for both my family and pets. The transition from powder to liquid is effortless, and it cleans my floors beautifully without leaving any sticky residue. Plus, a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice. Overall, I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a sustainable and efficient floor cleaning solution.