10 ways to use awenest’s plant-based multipurpose cleaner

10 ways to use awenest’s plant-based multipurpose cleaner

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10 Ways to Use Awenest’s Plant-based Multipurpose Cleaner

Every action in our life is well thought out and calculated. We think about the future and its impact on other aspects of our lives before making a decision.


However, when it comes to selecting a cleaner, do we think about it?


Cleaning products are an integral part of human lives. They help us live a better and healthier life by eradicating dust, oil and grease from the surroundings. However, health is just the half-truth told to us to sell those products. Along with cleaning the surfaces, they leave behind harmful chemicals that enter our bodies. In the long term, it results in respiratory problems, immunity issues, headaches and irritation in breathing.


The products you use are cleaning the surface properly, but WITHOUT CONSIDERING YOUR HEALTH. We need a cleaner that considers your health, the planet’s well-being and cleanliness.

Why Awenest’s Plant-based Multipurpose Cleaner?

Amongst all the cleaners in the market, Awenest’s plant-based multipurpose cleaner is one of the most sought-after cleaners. Its cleaning abilities and eco-friendly properties will keep the home clean without harming the planet. The chemical-free cleaner comes in a glass/recycled plastic bottle. Made with 100% plant-based ingredients, it contains sea salt, vinegar and lavender.


It is safe for your kids and pets, and you can use it on any surface. The liquid comes in a concentrated form and increases in quantity after adding water. Get a clean and shiny house without exposing your family to harmful chemicals like SLS, ammonia, and formalin. Here are some of the ways in which you can use the plant-based cleaner.

10 Ways to Use Awenest’s Plant-based multi-purpose Cleaner.

  1.  General Surface Cleaning

The awenest multi-purpose cleaner is perfect for any surface in your home that is oily, greasy or dirty. It will clean the surface without leaving a residue of harmful chemicals. You won’t need a different cleaner for glass, marble, steel and other surfaces. This single plant-based multipurpose cleaner will clean all kinds of surfaces. 

  1.  Kitchen Counters

Do you end up using chemical-filled cleaners to remove the grease and dust from your kitchen counters? It is the surface where you place the food items to be consumed. The chemical residue on kitchen counters can be very harmful to your family’s health. Using the plant-based multipurpose cleaner will ensure that there is no trace of toxins on your kitchen counters.

  1.  Glass and Mirrors

Do you also get a special chemical liquid to clean the glass and mirrors of your home? Not anymore! This multipurpose plant-based cleaner works on glass surfaces too! Keep your glass doors and windows free from dust by wiping them with this multipurpose cleaner. You can use microfiber towels or bamboo wipes to clean the glass and mirrors with the plant-based cleaner.

  1.  Stainless Steel

Whether it’s your steel handicrafts or utensils, you can use this multipurpose cleaner for them. The vinegar present in this plant-based cleaner will bring the shine back to your stainless-steel containers. Not all cleaners are suitable for a stainless-steel container. However, the components in this multipurpose cleaner will not cause any harm to the surface.

  1.  Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom tiles, taps and shower heads are some of the areas that need regular cleaning. Using chemical-based cleaners for these areas can lead to harmful chemicals entering your body. Opting for a plant-based cleaner will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and healthy for your kids.

  1.  Floor Mopping

Floors are very crucial for homes with kids and pets. Toddlers and infants often move around and ingest any dust particles by licking their hands. Using a plant-based cleaner will help in keeping your floors free from dust and chemicals. You can also use our special floor cleaner that thoroughly cleans the surface.

  1.  Grease and Oil on Cooktop

Cooking can lead to a greasy and oil stove. Spray the plant-based multipurpose cleaner from awenest and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe it off with a bamboo reusable kitchen towel roll. You can reuse the towel by washing it multiple times. It is a sustainable and healthy option to use a chemical-free cleaner and reusable wipe.

  1.  Car Interiors

If you want your car to be clean and smell fresh, try this plant-based multipurpose cleaner. It will leave your car smelling fresh with a scent of lavender. Use a microfiber cloth or a bamboo towel to clean the electronic devices in your car. Spray the cleaner on the cloth and wipe the dirty surface.

  1.  Dirty Appliances

Cooking becomes easier with appliances. However, these appliances need cleaning for a healthy lifestyle. The best way to clean them is by using a plant-based multipurpose cleaner from awenest. It has the potential to fight dirt, grease and any other residue on the surface.

  1.  Fans

There is a lot of accumulation of dirt and moisture on the surface of a fan. They combine to form a sticky and greasy dirt on its upper and bottom parts. Apply the multipurpose cleaner on the surface to loosen up the dirt. After a few minutes, you can rub the surface off and remove the thick layer of dust. Keep repeating the process until the surface is shiny and clean.

One Cleaner - Many Solutions

The plant-based multipurpose cleaner from awenest is a blessing for every household. You won’t realize the difference until you make the shift. The freedom fromthe  pungent smell of toxins in the cleaners and skin irritation will feel like a blessing. Moreover, contributing to the well-being of water bodies by using plant-based cleaners is a different satisfaciton.


Vinegar and salt are the common ingredients that are used for cleaning tough stains. Having such powerful substances in this cleaner makes it the most effective. Lavender adds the natural fragrance and makes your cleaning experience a pleasent one. You won’t need a mask while cleaning to save yourself from the odour of chemicals.


Are you willing to make your home healthier for your family?


Then, it’s time to say goodbye to all those chemicals and welcome Awenest’s plant-based multipurpose cleaner.

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