4 reasons why you should shift to Neem Wooden Combs from awenest

4 reasons why you should shift to Neem Wooden Combs from awenest

Benefits of neem comb: change your life for the better
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4 reasons why you should shift to Neem Wooden Combs from awenest


Today, we produce about 400 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. It consists of various items that are a part of our daily routines, including toothbrushes, disposable items, combs, straws, containers, bags and much more. Replacing plastic with eco-friendly products will help reduce this waste. Today, we will talk about one of the most commonly used products in every household, combs. 


We use them daily and discard them every few months. This is what makes it necessary to find a sustainable alternative. Plastic combs that are discarded add to the waste and further pollute the environment. On the other hand, Neem combs are favourable for your scalp health and the environment. 


it fights fungal and bacterial infections.


Itching and irritation are some of the common hair problems faced by many individuals. Neem has the characteristic of being an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial tree. Not just its leaves but every part of the tree holds a similar nature. When you use a comb made from a neem tree, all those helpful traits come along with it. 


The soft and tender bristles will not cause any harm to the scalp. Instead, they will keep your head safe from any fungus or bacteria. Neem comb is a daily reminder for all germs to stay away from your head. Use it, and you will never refuse it. 


no friction is created while using wooden combs.

Have you ever noticed how your hair becomes frizzy and rough as soon as you comb them with a plastic comb? It's due to the friction created when your hair rubs against the comb. This messes with the hair texture and impacts the quality of your hair. 


The movement of the comb against your hair removes electrons from the hair and deposits them on the comb. The positively charged hair and negatively charged comb now attract each other due to their opposite charges and cause friction. Wooden and human hair are negatively charged. Thus, no static electricity is generated while you comb your hair with a wooden comb. 


It keeps your hair texture smooth and soft. So, check out our combo of wooden combs made from neem.


it keeps the planet happy.

The problem of plastic waste has been increasing every day. Compared to plastic and metal combs, neem comb is the easiest to compost. It does not add to the plastic waste and keeps the planet happy. A single comb is generally used for 6-12 months before it is replaced. Imagine every family using 2 plastic combs a year and simply discarding them in the bin. The amount of plastic waste generated through this will be huge. 


However, when a family makes a sustainable shift to wooden combs, their contribution to waste reduces. After its use, the wooden comb can easily be composted in the home composting bin. It is better to break it into small pieces and place them inside the composter. 


dandruff and hair fall at bay.

Dandruff and hair fall are common lifestyle issues in many individuals. Neem leaves a noticeable impact on the scalp due to its ability to kill bacteria. The anti-inflammatory and blood-purifying properties keep the scalp free from dandruff. 


The subtle presence of neem oil in the comb spreads throughout your hair with every use. It not only adds nutrients to the hair but also supports the growth of hair cells. Thus, in the long term, it reduces hair fall and increases hair growth.  


how to take care of your wooden comb?


Unlike plastic combs, wooden combs need different treatments to keep them clean. Exposure to water for prolonged periods can lead to swollen wood. So, it is very necessary to clean the comb in a way that it remains useful. Here are some of the methods to clean your wooden comb - 


  • You can use a thin moist cloth to clean the bristles. However, make sure to dry it after cleaning. 

  • Dental floss can also be used to clean the intricate parts between the bristles. 

  • With a few drops of olive or coconut oil on a cotton pad, you can gently rub around to get a clean comb. 


If any moisture is used in the cleaning process, it is necessary to dry out the comb at the end. The presence of oil will not be harmful to the comb. The wooden comb will absorb the oil overnight. However, no amount of water should remain on the surface of the comb. 


Shifting to a wooden comb is one of those small steps that can make an immense difference to the planet. It also benefits mother earth and maintains the scalp's health. You can check out our collection of wooden combs here.


Author-Brinda Shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin  and on instagram 

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