This Children’s Day, gift your little one the eco-friendly toys they deserve!

This Children’s Day, gift your little one the eco-friendly toys they deserve!

This Children’s Day, gift your child a wonderful toy and a valuable lesson about living sustainably
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This Children’s Day, Gift your little one the eco-friendly toys they deserve!


Nearly 67% of imported toys failed to qualify for the testing survey of the Quality Council of India. One of the studies done by UNEP concludes that 25% of toys contain harmful chemicals. 


Every parent wants their kids to get the best of everything. But how do you define best? 


A toy that is costly and luxurious, or a toy that is healthy and eco-friendly?


Best does not always mean costly and good-looking. When buying toys for kids, the material is a crucial factor. Kids always have the habit of putting their toys in their mouths. They also tend to eat and play simultaneously, making it easier for the toxic chemicals in toys to enter their body. 


This Children's day, make the needed shift for your kids. Our collection of eco-friendly toys is fun, child-friendly and safe for the planet. Here are some of the best toys for toddlers and young boys and girls. 


neem Baby Teethers 

Newly growing teeth can cause a lot of irritation and uneasiness for the kid. Teethers give them the needed comfort as their teeth grow in. They suck and press the teethers against the gum to get a soothing effect. The presence of a chemical in teethers can cause a lot of health issues.  


Our collection of eco-friendly toys includes neem baby teethers. They not only soothe the teeth, but neem will also keep them healthy. Moreover, the natural wood from neem trees will not have any adverse effects. 


jigsaw Puzzle 


Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the best childhood games that combines fun and learning. It tends to refine their motor skills and make them more aware. Picking up the pieces and moving them to form a picture strengthens hand-eye coordination. Along with improving memory and attention span, it also strengthens their critical thinking skills. 


Our collection of Jigsaw puzzles includes various themes like beach, marine, and nature walks. Based on the interest of your child, you can order this child-friendly puzzle. Made with high-quality wood and soft edges, they will not cause any harm to your child while they enjoy them. 

penguin Bowling Pins


Bowling is an activity enjoyed by adults and teens a lot. However, when it comes to kids there has to be a suitable option for them to enjoy bowling. That can be possible with penguin bowling pins, which are specifically designed keeping in mind the need of small kids. 


This bowling pin set is made of sustainable wood with environmentally friendly and non-toxic paint. Light in weight and easy to carry, these bowling pins will be your child's favourite game in their free time. Gift your child the joy they deserve with these safe penguin bowling pins. 


wooden Baby Rattles


Wooden baby rattles are the best for newborn babies. The movement of the rattle provides a source of stimulation. The toddler's attention catches the sound made by the rattle. As soon as they hear the sound, they try to trace the source and find the origin of the sound. They extend their hand and develop movement while getting hold of rattles. 


A mere sound plays an essential role in a child’s life. After they grow up, wooden rattles can be used to refine hand movement. This is a toy that will remain in use up to the age of 2 years. Rattles made with wood are 100% safe for kids and free from toxic chemicals. 


rainbow Stacker

Colours add joy to the life of adults and children. This rainbow stacker enables the child to understand colour, and shape and arrange different blocks in the stack. Along with developing spatial perception, it also enhances reasoning and imagination skills in the child. 


This rainbow stacker is made from recyclable, safe and non-harmful substances. It has been designed with no sharp edges keeping in mind the safety of a kid. This eco-friendly toy can be the perfect gift for your little one this Children’s Day. 


so, what are you ordering for your child?


This Children’s Day, gift your child a wonderful toy and a valuable lesson about living sustainably. Childhood is the best time to build new habits and thought patterns. What else can be a better way to motivate your kids to opt for eco-friendly options other than gifting them?


Awenest is here to help you and your kids initiate this journey of eco-friendly living with planet-friendly toys. 


Happy Children’s Day!

Photo by Joydeep Sensarma on Unsplash


Author-Brinda Shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin  and on instagram 

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