5 Purposeful Gifting Ideas for Valentine's Day 2023

5 Purposeful Gifting Ideas for Valentine's Day 2023

Thoughtful and sustainable gift for your valentine

5 Purposeful Gifting Ideas for Valentine's Day 2023


The season of expressing love is finally here. Valentine's Day of 2023 will soon arrive and fill the whole world with the energy of love. People convey their affection through beautiful & creative gifts. It is not just for couples, but for anybody who loves and feels loved. 


It is an occasion to cherish your connection with your near and dear ones. Have you thought of any ideas to express your love? 


A letter, spending some quality time or maybe a thoughtful gift? 


No matter whom you gift, let us not forget to express our love to Mother Earth. Choose gifts and experiences that are planet friendly. Our constant caretaker and provider for centuries are asking for some love too! This is the best day to make a choice that makes the planet happy too.


Awenest has unique eco-friendly gifting options that will make this day memorable for your special one. Whether it is your spouse, parents, friends or someone close to you, we have gifts for everyone.


Here are the five best gifting ideas for Valentine's in 2023 - 


Chocolate is ‘LOVE’

No matter what year it is, Chocolates always stay young. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chocolate is a love language. Irrespective of age, gender, country and caste, chocolates have the potential to bring joy universally. Check out the chocolates at awenest and select the best one to bring happiness to the faces of your loved ones. Explore many other gift-worthy desserts at awenest and order them now. 


A step towards self-love with skincare essentials 

Help them take a step towards self-care with some soothing skincare essentials. Organic, eco-friendly and, vegan products will heal the body and support the planet. It includes lip balm, body butter, face scrub, foot cream, face wash, body wash, and many other products.


Choose a combination of a few products and create a basket filled with various body care essentials for your loved one. This Valentine’s day, remind them of the beautiful practice of self-love by gifting them these eco-friendly essentials. 


Making fashion healthy with sustainable bags

These beautiful bags made with Kauna Grass are well-known for their looks and sustainability. Kauna Grass is a perennial aquatic herb grown in low-lying paddy fields. The soft and spongy feel of Kauna Stem gives this bag a soothing texture. Perfect bags for a busy working day or a visit with friends. 


Beyond that, awenest also has a collection of hand-made wallets and purses. Along with small bags for daily use, we also have an exquisite collection of clutches for parties. Check them out in various colours and make them a perfect gift for your special one. 


Co-create something to deepen the bond 

One of the best ways to create a deeper bond is to spend quality time in a mindful activity. Co-creating is one of the best things to do to get close. Parenting small plants and nurturing them throughout their growth journey is a beautiful practice. When you make this a part of your daily life, it becomes a co-creating practice. Awenest has the perfect gardening tools for you to initiate this co-creation journey. Whether you are thinking of a terrace garden, a balcony garden or a land garden, we have all the tools. 


Composting, gardening, and other such practices will help you bond and co-create. Explore the gardening and waste control accessories at awenest and gift them to your beloved to co-create. Do not forget to add a heart-filled note mentioning your intention to begin this conscious journey. 


Gifts for sustainable lovers to take a step further

If the receiver of your gift has already begun their journey on the path of sustainable living, then these are some of the best options. Valentine’s Day is not just about giving gifts. It is about giving gifts that matter the most to the receiver. Anything that helps in the reduction of waste brings joy to the face of a sustainable practitioner. 


The beautiful creations in our Green Home section have a wide range of products like reusable cups, healthy cleaners, coconut bowls, reusable cutleries, wrapping paper, and much more. To explore all the products in detail, you can visit here


Celebrate a Sustainable Valentine with Mindful Gifting

Adding sustainability to every celebration does not make it boring. It makes the event more conscious and mindful. The satisfaction you get after celebrating the event increases manifold. Don’t just believe what we say, try it on your own and see the happiness of supporting the planet. This Valentine’s make sure to choose a meaningful gift. 


brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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