This republic day, let’s step towards harmonious and sustainable living!

This republic day, let’s step towards harmonious and sustainable living!

What should you do when republic day ends?
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This republic day, let’s step towards harmonious and sustainable living!


Every year 26th of January marks the Republic day of India. This day celebrates the introduction of the Constitution of India that came into effect on 26th January 1950. The joy of having its own existence, being a republic, is celebrated every year on this day. Schools are filled with cultural events and flag-hoisting programmes. Parades are seen happening in some designated places. 


Being a republic country means having a leader elected by the citizens. The constitution has been designed to give freedom, power and rights to citizens. However, does the citizen’s role end with selecting the right candidate? 


Not really!


A democratic and republican country means the citizens are also responsible for creating the country through their actions. This republic day, let’s be conscious about our contribution to the country and set some realistic goals to work on. Out of the many issues India faces, climate crisis and plastic pollution needs urgent attention. Hoisting a flag and reciting the national anthem are symbolic ways of expressing our love for the nation. However, the effective contribution begins when republic day ends. 


What should you do when republic day ends? 


The sense of being a responsible citizen stays throughout republic day but ends as soon as the date changes. This time, take that feeling and convert it into an action plan. Consistent action is the only way to deal with plastic problems and excessive waste.


Increasing waste in the country has led to many kinds of pollution, diseases and harm to natural habitats and other living beings. The first step is to ditch plastic in every aspect of life to the extent possible. It is definitely not an overnight change, but it is possible. As a responsible entity in this country, awenest ensures plastic-free delivery. 


On this republic day, here are 5 quick ideas to go plastic-free in your life - 


Ditch the disposables

Disposables are not the best option for the planet and for your health. Food consumed in disposables also takes along the microplastics in your body. In the long term, these microplastics cause damage to regular functioning and result in serious illness. Also, the disposables add to the waste and increase the landfills. Using bamboo, steel or reusable cutlery is the best way to enjoy your life without harming the planet. Also, try to avoid plastic flags and use plastic alternatives made from seed paper


Make swaps in personal care products

Personal care products like toothbrushes, creams, soap, shampoo and deodorant come with plastic packaging and chemicals. Organic and sustainable alternatives for each product is available at awenest. When you buy a sustainable swap for every product, your contribution to the landfill reduces with each purchase. 


Carry a bag and bottle

Plastic bags and plastic bottles are prime contributors to creating waste. To reduce the plastic bags used while buying groceries, carry a cloth bag. Travelling with a water bottle will reduce the waste generated by using plastic water bottles. 


Reuse where you can 

Reusing plastic containers, bottles and bags is another way to send less waste to landfills. It happens a lot that despite many tries, we cannot avoid plastic products. In such situations, what you can do is productively reuse them. 


Focus on progress, avoid perfection

As you begin removing plastic from your life, you will progress slowly. Striving for perfection can cause pressure and anxiety, so it is better to keep taking small steps instead of expecting change all at once. 


Republic days, New year and other similar days are an opportunity to remember the aspects we need to focus on. India’s plastic waste generation has doubled in the last 5 years. It will increase in the coming years if no action is taken to reduce the waste generation process. It is said that freedom comes with a lot of responsibility. We joyfully accept freedom but sometimes forget to be responsible. 


Today, on republic day, curate a personalized constitution that guides you towards a sustainable life.   


Will you? 


brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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