5 questions to ask yourself before regifting any item!

5 questions to ask yourself before regifting any item!

Regifting is an option too, but with some rules!

Regifting is an option too, but with some rules! 


Do you still have that gift you received two years ago on your birthday? 


Did you use it at least once yet?




Did you think of giving it to somebody as a gift? 


Not sure if you could give it like that to someone?  


Many people deal with shame, hesitation and confusion about how to pass on the gift they received on their special day. 


Sustainability is not always about buying eco-friendly products. Creating meaningful usage of resources also falls into living a sustainable life. Regifting is one such option about which nobody talks. We all have those selected gifts that we never use. Respecting the emotions of the giver is nice, but not utilizing them is a waste of resources. It is okay to pass it on to someone who can create utility.  


When it comes to regifting, you have to be very careful about how you conduct this process. Considering the emotions of the receiver is a crucial factor. So, here are some of the most important rules to consider before you regift any item from your home. 


5 questions to ask yourself before regifting any item!


  1. Has it been used at least once?

If something has been used at least once, you should not regift it. Just because it looks new and you have the packaging does not make it gift-worthy. Used item that is of no use anymore cannot be gifted. 


As an alternative, you can directly ask the receiver. (not given as a gift) Tell them you have used it once and will not need it anymore. If the receiver is comfortable receiving it, they will ask for it. 


  1. Is it a personalized gift? 

Many gifts come with thoughtful messages or names or initials carved on them. Avoid any such accessories/cards/items with some personalization. Check for any personalized messages before passing on your gifts to someone else. 


  1. Is the gift helpful to the recipient? 

Regifting is a great way to save the cost of buying a new gift. However, that does not mean you can gift anything extra that you have. The item that you have needs to be of utility to the receiver. If you give them the same thing to get rid of it and save the cost, it will not be put to good use further. 


  1. Can somebody’s sentiments get hurt? 

Consider the relation between the person who gifted you and the person who you are giving. Do they both know each other? Are there any chances that they might come to know about this gift? No matter how pure your intentions are, they might get hurt if they come to know about this. So, it’s always better to confirm that this process of passing on happens in a different circle from where you received it. 


  1. Are you feeling guilty or shameful about it?

If you have any shame or guilt, release it. Obviously, you do not need to tell everyone about your choice. However, there is no shame in passing on a product that can bring joy to somebody else. It is always better to put a resource to use instead of letting it be idle. 


Sustainable gifting is the new trend!

Regifting is a great option, but if you want a new eco-friendly gift, let us help. Awenest has thoughtful gifting options for all age groups, from kids to the elders of your family. Explore the variety and choose whichever feels suitable to the receiver. 


We need conscious gifting to become the top priority in the coming times. With increasing waste in landfills and excessive consumption, we have to be aware of what we choose. For more meaningful and conscious ideas to live a sustainable life, explore our community at awenest. 

Brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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