Why is cotton one of the best fabrics for skin?

Why is cotton one of the best fabrics for skin?

5 reasons to choose cotton for your skin

Why is cotton one of the best fabrics for skin? 


Human beings invented clothing intending to protect and cover the body. However, the definition has upgraded with changing times. But now, it’s not just a piece of cloth for protection. Clothes define who you are. In this race of fashionable and fast clothing, the purpose is lost. 


Clothing, initially found to protect the body, now irritates and harms the body. Some fabrics, if worn longer, can cause itching and sweat to the body. Also, the need to constantly upgrade the wardrobe has led to tremendous clothing waste in landfills. 


The solution to all these problems is choosing a biodegradable fabric for human skin. Cotton is one such fabric that benefits the skin and is eco-friendly. Read this blog further to know more about cotton fabric in detail. 


5 reasons to choose cotton for your skin


  1. Cotton lets the skin breathe!


We all have been through the experience of wearing fashionable clothing at the cost of our comfort. Initially, it might lure you, but later you regret the choice. Cotton is a fabric that makes sure to let your skin survive. It absorbs moisture from the body, which then evaporates. This allows the skin to breathe easily in every season. 


Other fabrics can make it difficult for your skin to breathe. Make sure to choose cotton when choosing an outfit for your daily wear. Whether going to work, college or just a day out with friends, you do not want to be bothered by the fabric of your clothing. 


  1. Cotton is biodegradable


The biodegradation process happens in the presence or absence of oxygen. Cotton is one such material which can be composted both ways. It is made of cellulose, an organic compound that is the basis of plant cell walls and vegetable fibres. This makes the composting process much easier and quicker. 


Any cotton clothing can be composted after discarding the buttons, zippers, or other small accessories. You can cut it into small strips or pieces and add the soil to your composting bin. It can take approximately 1 week to 5 months for the decomposition process. The cotton clothing can also be used as weed matting by laying it under the mulch around new plants. 

  1. Cotton clothing keeps you cool


You must have seen people resorting to cotton clothing as the summers arrive. The property of cotton is to keep your body cool and dry by absorbing the sweat in summer. This absorption and evaporation keep our bodies cool. It is lightweight and allows the heat to escape the body.


Cotton allows better air circulation within the body in the times of summer. If you want to buy some simple and sustainable cotton clothing, then awenest has a collection worth exploring. You can explore cotton clothing for men and women on awenest.  


  1. Cotton clothing is cost-effective, strong and durable


Cotton clothing can last for a longer time than you can imagine. In times of clearance sales and festive offers, cotton clothing can be your long-term partner. The trend of buying new clothes every few months can lead to high expenses and increased waste. Try buying cotton clothing and see how long they last. 


When you initially buy cotton clothing, it might seem expensive, but it will last longer. It’s a choice that you need to make! To buy cheap clothing every few months or cost-effective cotton clothing that can last for years. Cotton clothing is less likely to rip or tear due to its high tensile strength. 


  1. Cotton is a low-maintenance fabric


Cotton is an easy fabric to care for. It can either be washed in a machine or by hand. It is advisable to avoid machines to the extent possible. The harsh chemical-filled detergents can impact the quality of the clothing. Using an eco-friendly and chemical-free detergent for the cleaning process can be helpful. 


Washing the clothing in extremely hot or cold water can change the texture or size of the garment. Wash the cotton clothes in water at a moderate temperature. Cotton fabrics can be air-dried or machine-dried using low heat. Extreme heat can shrink cotton clothing. 


Make a wiser choice with your clothing!


The clothes you buy today will later end up in the landfill. Are you buying them consciously? 


Every piece of clothing is discarded at the end of its lifecycle. Are you investing in clothes that add value to mother earth or act as a burden? 


This is an opportunity to take your first step towards eco-friendly clothing. 

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