5 ways to give labour of love to the planet, this International Labour Day!

5 ways to give labour of love to the planet, this International Labour Day!

It is time to remember our relationship with Mother Earth and extend the labour of love towards her
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5 ways to give labour of love to the planet, this International Labour Day!

There are some things that we do to earn and there are some things that we do for love. Such actions that we simply execute for the sheer joy of it, are known as a labour of love. The food you cook for your loved one, the gift you curate for their special day, the volunteering you do at your nearby organization and other similar things can be included. 

Now is the time to remember our relationship with Mother Earth and extend the labour of love towards her. Time and now, our planet has been there for us with all its love and abundance. Now it’s our turn to show the labour of love. 

On this International Labour Day, we invite you to choose one labour of love from a few of them listed below.

Plant trees 

15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are caused as a result of deforestation. Surprisingly, 46% of the world's forests are already destroyed. This means that the only option we have is to plant as many trees as possible. Just like your body needs lungs to circulate the air & support inhalation-exhalation, the planet needs trees. 

Trees not only purify the air but also absorb the excess heat by taking in the CO2. Along with providing us food, trees also maintain the moisture and fertility in the soil. Many birds, animals and insects find their home in different plants & trees. 

You don’t have to build a forest to balance it all. Making the best use of space is the need of the hour. If you live in a flat, use the balcony. If you have your garden, use up every corner and go fully green. It will not only keep your place cooler but also give you fresh air. 

Think twice before you THROW anything!

Every resource can be used for multiple purposes if you intend to do so. Some of the things that we simply discard can be used in a better place. Water comes as a byproduct of cooking, RO filters, AC & many other daily activities & processes. Whenever we wash vegetables, boil something or carry out any such process, some water is always a part of the leftover. This water can be used for your plants or trees, instead of landing in the sink. 

The leftover food can be immediately given to someone who might need it, instead of refrigerating it & then throwing it later. Some raw materials like boiled veggies can be reused again in the next day’s recipe. Also, roti’s can be used to make snacks by frying and adding some masala. Any leftover can be innovated into a new recipe. 

Clothes have a cycle which starts when they are bought from the shop and ends when the cloth is used as a mop in Indian homes. Continuing this practice is the best way to showcase the importance of upcycling. Alternatively, some pieces of clothes can also be used to make cloth bags, scrunchies, pouches for school, small purses and many other things.

Walk, cycle, or pool

Feeling bored? 

Long drives are not the only option to freshen up. Go for a long walk. Walking has many benefits from improving your health on a physical level to making you feel happy on an emotional level. If you are going to a nearby place, choose to walk or take a cycle. Along with reducing pollution, it will also give you some mindful moments while you are on your way. 

While going to the office or a party or any other place with a group of people, try to share vehicles. Carpooling is the best option when the people travelling together are living nearby. Taking public transport is another way you can reduce your carbon footprint. 


When you go for a walk in the morning or evening, have an eye for any plastic trash. The act of picking up plastic while your running or jogging routine is known as plogging. It is an act through which you can target two aspects with a single routine of plogging. You keep yourself fit and healthy along with cleaning the planet’s waste. 

On an estimated basis, 2,000,000 people plog daily in 100 countries. Imagine a world where every individual is dedicated to plogging. No plastic will be found scattered on any corner of this planet. 

A good goal to set, right? 

Co-exist with other beings 

Bio-diversity means the presence of various species on earth. The existence of all the different organisms, plants and other animals is equally important. The co-existence of all the beings makes it possible for human beings to live peacefully. Any disturbance in the ecosystem can cause harm to our existence as human beings. 

Along with making sure that we plant trees, it is also necessary to create an environment where we can co-exist. Feeding and not causing harm to the domestic animals around us is one step. Supporting the lives of birds and small creatures during extreme weather conditions is another. Look around with an intention to support & you will find many other things that can be done.  

Choose your labour of love on this International Labour day & extend your warmth to the planet. Awenest is here to support & motivate you in your daily journey of sustainable living. Be a part of our consciously thriving community & bring home some of the best eco-friendly items. We have curated a wonderful collection of sustainable products that are made with lots of love by passionate ecopreneurs. 


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