changemakers: Aastha and Tvachamrit

changemakers: Aastha and Tvachamrit

Aastha talks about her love for natural skincare and Tvachamrit and how Tavchamrit avoids plastic in their packaging

Hello! I'm Aastha Khandelwal Jain, Founder of Tvachamrit Handcrafted Skincare. I started tvachamrit a while back as I saw a gap in the market for skin & personal care products that were clean, good for the user, environment & society! I love natural skincare & am admittedly a skincare junkie! On most of the days you'd find me in the office with a fresh fruit pack on my face researching about some new oil that has insane skin benefits!


What triggered your sustainability journey?

There was no trigger as such. I've been leading a fairly sustainable life since childhood. My parents did inculcate the habit of not wasting water, electricity, food, not using plastic products, etc in me & my sibling. So I guess it was just things like that & now of course reading about the unsustainable practices that are prevalent, watching documentaries regarding the same and witnessing events like wildfires & the side effects of global warming, melting of the glaciers, etc they've all been eye-openers for me. So now I love learning different ways & practices through which I can be more sustainable & it's honestly the most fun & satisfying thing ever!

Your personal sustainability mantra?

Do as much as you can. You don't have to have a zero waste lifestyle to be sustainable. Even a few steps, however miniscule, matter!


One sustainable habit that you never want to let go of?

I end up collecting all the trash that I generate over a month's time & send it for recycling. I never want to let go of that habit!


One sustainable habit that you would love to develop?

There are quite a few that I'm striving towards - making my own bio-enzyme cleansers, not using the air conditioner as much, I don't know how to compost (I usually send all the compostable stuff to my aunt who'll do it for me, but I really want to start composting my own waste), reduce my usage of paper, flowers for decoration, etc.

What would your advice be to people willing to do more to preserve the planet?

There are endless ways to sustainability, just ensure you're practicing at least one or two of them!

One fact that you would like to tell people about your brand?

We at Tvachamrit Handcrafted Skincare do not use any plastic in our manufacturing & packaging process. We use glass bottles and jars for our products & the labels & packaging is all recycled paper. In fact, we don't even use plastic cello tape - we use the water activated paper tape for our adhesive purposes & we're very proud of this fact! :)


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