Are you ready to 'Invest in our Planet'? on World Earth Day 2023

Are you ready to 'Invest in our Planet'? on World Earth Day 2023

Embrace the opportunity to make a positive impact on World Earth Day 2023 by investing in our planet's future.

Are you ready to 'Invest in our Planet'? on World Earth Day 2023


Every year, the 22nd of April is observed as Earth Day. Individuals, communities and governments globally take specific action on this day to raise awareness about recent environmental issues. The theme for 2023 is, Invest in our Planet. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of World Environment Day, established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly. 


As declared by UNEP, the campaign for this day in 2023 will use the hashtag and slogan #BeatPlasticPollution. Plastic waste was manageable till the 1970s due to less production. However, with increasing needs, the production increased and tripled between 1970 and 1990s. Since then, the production and plastic waste has accelerated by leaps and bounds. Today, we produce about 400 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. 


If we keep growing at such a rate, we can reach 1100 million tonnes by 2050. Our addiction to single-use plastic has become so casual that we do not realize the harm caused by it. They have become an integral part of our lives, and removing them feels like a huge lifestyle change. However, it is an inevitable step that needs to be taken for our future generations and the planet. 


Our planet is choking due to plastic! What can we do to save it? 


No matter where plastic waste gathers, it will harm the planet. Whether on the land, river or sea, the accumulated waste pollutes the surroundings and harms living beings. Moreover, the microplastics formed due to this process has started making their place in the atmosphere. 


Microplastics are minute pieces of plastic that have the potential to enter the human body through inhalation and absorption. They gather in the human body and further result in fatal diseases. Here are 3 simple things you can do on Earth Day 2023 to beat plastic pollution. 


  1. Clean a Beach/River/Land

Approximately 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. Of all the marine debris extracted from surface waters to deep-sea sediments, 80% is plastic. Mismanaged waste, littering by individuals and leakage from industries are crucial sources of pollution in our water bodies. This Earth Day in 2023, invest your time cleaning up the water bodies in your local area. 


Invest in our planet by participating in cleaning a beach or river. Such activities are organized by local organizations and NGOs. Even better, you can be the source and initiate one such cleaning drive to get rid of the unwanted plastics from your surroundings. If you have a green habitat like a mountain, forest or lush green area in your city, take part or initiate a clean-up drive for that specific location. 


  1. Go Sustainable 


Living a sustainable life means being aware of every action that you take. Understanding the impact of your activities on the planet is a simple place to start your sustainable journey. While buying new things, discarding old things, using water, polluting the air by unnecessary use of vehicles and cooking food, every activity can be more sustainable. 


It is up to you where you want your journey to begin. Here are a few simple steps to take in different aspects of your life to go sustainable - 

  • Avoid mindless buying and try sharing or borrowing things

  • Instead of discarding objects, try to reuse or pass them on to others

  • Make sure to reuse the cooking water in nurturing plants and find ways to save or reuse water resource

  • Try to walk, ride a bicycle or share your vehicle wherever possible

  • Cook local foods 

  • Use sustainable cleaners to avoid polluting the water bodies


'Invest in our planet' by taking the time to understand the footprint of your deeds on mother earth. Once you become aware of the end result, you will not want to repeat it again. 


  1. Try a Zero Waste Lifestyle 


A zero-waste lifestyle can initially seem impossible, but it is not. The first and foremost thing you can do is opt for waste segregation. As soon as you begin this process, your awareness towards your waste will increase. You will realize where you can avoid using plastic and replace it with a sustainable option. 


To begin your zero-waste journey, here are some quick lifestyle shifts you can make - 

  • Carrying a cloth bag whenever you go shopping

  • Having your own cutlery, straw and container while travelling

  • Reusing the plastic containers you already have

  • Recycling the plastic components that you cannot reuse

  • Opt for alternative products

  • Carry your own bottle 

  • Avoid foods wrapped in plastic


'Invest in our planet' by creating a schedule of composting and segregating waste daily. Opt for buying cutlery and other reusable products while travelling. Do not consider this an expense but an investment for the well-being of future generations. 


This Earth Day 2023, how will you invest in our planet?


Whether you have begun your eco-friendly journey or are on the verge of shifting your lifestyle, Earth Day is an opportunity to take a new step in sustainable living. Break the bondage with plastics and strengthen your connection with mother earth. It is time to think about the natural legacy we are leaving for the coming generations. 


We worry a lot about the asset we will be able to leave for our kids, but do we ever think about the Earth we are leaving behind?


Today, choose a Sustainable Habit and Invest in our planet.


Brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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