5 Swaps to reduce harmful chemicals in your body!

5 Swaps to reduce harmful chemicals in your body!

Make these 5 simple swaps to minimize harmful chemicals in your body and promote a healthier lifestyle.

5 Swaps to reduce harmful chemicals in your body!

Many bottles in our homes have hidden chemicals in them! They are attacking us every day through different mediums and entering our bodies. The long-term impact of using them can be harmful to the body and its immune system. An awareness of the ingredients and an in-depth understanding of them will help you eliminate these products from your home. 


Research shows that a reduction in the daily use of parabens and phthalates reverses the accumulation of cancer-associated cells in the body. This reason is strong enough to take the initiative to find healthy alternatives to many chemical-filled products in our surroundings. This blog explores multiple products that we use in our daily lives and its healthy alternatives.

  1. Natural Fragrances

We all love to smell good throughout the day. However, the fragrances used in daily life can harm the human body. Irrespective of how aromatic these scented perfumes are, they lead to multiple disorders. Elements like phthalates, aldehydes, parabens and aluminium-based salts are present in most aromatic products. Their regular use for prolonged periods leads to side effects such as allergies, breast cancer, reproductive disorders, skin allergies, nervous system damage and migraine. 


The best alternative to such harmful fragrances is natural fragrances at awenest. We have natural deo sticks and pit paste in various aromas. Some include khas, lavender, orange, lemon grass, grapefruit and peppermint. All the fragrances are free from harmful chemicals and curated to garnish your body with aroma. 

  1. Body Care

Regular cleansing of the body is an essential part of our daily routine. We use soaps and body wash to rejuvenate and refresh the body every morning. The presence of certain harmful chemicals like SLES, SLS, Propylene Glycol, cocamidoproply betaine, Triclosan and other chemicals makes it dangerous for your skin. Instead of nourishing your skin, it causes irritation, dryness and leads to allergies, organ toxicity and cancer.


It’s time to replace your body wash, soaps and moisturisers with natural products. At awenest, we have a wide range of organic body care products, including herbal body wash, body butter, body scrub, and massage oil. These selected items are curated with love to suit sensitive and delicate skin without causing any harm. 

  1. Chemical free Hair Care 

What you put in your head directly goes into your body. Do not underestimate the power of pores present on our scalp. They soak in every particle and pass it through the whole body. The presence of chemicals like sulfates, paraben, sodium chloride, formaldehyde and many more can cause adverse impacts on your body. Along with causing allergic reactions and fizziness, they also become hormone disruptors in the long term. 


Swap your chemical-filled shampoos with a shampoo bar, herbal wash pack and traditional oil massages. Don’t forget to use a wooden comb to reduce the frizz caused due to the friction of plastic combs. Awenest has some of the best organic hair care products to pamper your scalp and nourish your hair.  

  1. Face Care & Lip Care

Your face battles the whole day with dust, pollution and many different minute organisms. It needs proper care and nourishment at the beginning of the day and night. Choose products that nourish the skin and not harm it. Face care products at awenest are vegan, organic and free from harmful chemicals. We have facewash, soaps, sunscreens, rose water, face oil, and masks to assure your skin stays fit and healthy. 


One of the most important parts of face care is nourishing the lips. The added fragrances and harmful chemicals can lead to skin diseases. Chemical-free lip balm at awenest comes in mint, rose, fennel, watermelon, mango, raspberry and other flavours. Free from chemicals and skin-friendly lip balm will nourish you without any irritation. 

  1. Plant-based Cleaners

Did you know that regular dishwashing liquids, floor cleaners and toilet cleaners are loaded with chemicals? They not only cause harm to the planet but also impact your respiratory and overall health. Using them for prolonged periods can lead to immune disorders and respiratory problems. Thus, plant-based dishwash and floor cleaners from awenest are the best choices for your home. 


These chemical-free cleaners are eco-friendly, do not harm your kids or pets and create zero waste. They come in glass bottles that can be reused or returned to awenest. Swap your chemical-filled harmful cleaners with these plant-based cleaners and create a healthy home for your family. 

Choose your health over everything else!

These products might seem harmless right now. However, the impacts are visible in later years. It’s better late than never! It’s never too late to make the swap, irrespective of how many years you have been using the chemical-filled products. Choose a lifestyle that nourishes you and makes you healthy. This is an opportunity to conduct an audit around your home to find out the chemical-filled products. 


Make this swap for a healthy and sustainable life ahead! You are making healthy choices for the planet when you choose a healthy life for yourself.


Brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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