Biodegradable Cutlery Made from Coconut Shell - 5 Reasons to Shift!

Biodegradable Cutlery Made from Coconut Shell - 5 Reasons to Shift!

Discover the future of sustainable dining with biodegradable cutlery made from coconut shells - 5 compelling reasons to make the eco-friendly shift!

Biodegradable Cutlery Made from Coconut Shell - 5 Reasons to Shift!

Have you ever enjoyed the coconut flesh and thrown away the hard shell? 


What if we told you those coconut shells are convertible into biodegradable cutlery and kitchenware? 


Yes, you heard it right! The coconut waste that adds up to the landfill can be converted into a home utility product. Coconut shell is a durable and heat-resistant material perfect for making utensils, cups, forks, spoons, containers and other kitchen items. The beautiful look and various benefits it brings to your kitchen are worth appreciating. This blog is for curious readers who want to know the benefits of shifting to coconut shell tableware. 


Here are five reasons why now is the best time to make this shift in your kitchen - 

biodegradable cutlery is mindfully hand-crafted 

Compared to all the other general kitchenware, biodegradable kitchenware, dinnerware and tableware are produced mindfully. The individual attention to detail and the craftsmanship of skilled individuals give such products a unique quality. It also creates employment for many artisans who have the skill of creating such objects from materials like coconut shells or wood. 


The hard work of every artisan assures that your kitchenware is free from chemicals. Manual execution of every process brings personal attention to every piece. The exclusion of machines and industrial equipment makes them safe to hold food. Mass production causes a lot of pollution by emitting harmful chemicals and toxins in the environment. This process productively uses coconut waste and reduces pollution caused due to mass production. 

eating in coconut cutlery offers fantastic health benefits

Using coconut cutlery in your kitchen can add a lot of nutrition to your diet. Coconut kitchenware is safe to cook and eat and benefits your health when used regularly. We all know coconut meat and water are healthy. This benefit also extends to its shell. Cooking and eating in a coconut shell can give you multiple minerals and nutrients. 


That is why biodegradable cutlery from coconut shells is a healthy choice for your kitchen. Using coconut cutlery aids digestive problems such as constipation. They can also be a good source of fibre, vitamins A, D, E and K. Every material you use in the kitchen makes its way into your body. Thus, it is necessary to remain aware of the kitchenware and tableware you use. 

coconut tableware is the most sustainable option! 

Eco-friendly kitchenware is the need of the hour. With an extreme increase in waste and unexpected climate changes, it’s time to make sustainable shifts in our kitchens. Coconut bowls and spoons are the best choices due to their sustainable nature. Raw materials used in making such cutlery save a lot of waste from going to the landfill. Coconut shells, which normally end up in the bin, are now the primary raw material for sustainable cutleries.  


The coconut shell is hard and strong, making its product long-lasting. Once you buy this product, the need to change the product only arises after a few years. Also, at the end of its lifecycle, it can be composted without any hassle. Its disposal does not harm the environment or add to pollution if disposed of mindfully. 

coconut shell creations give impressive aesthetics to your space

We never said that a sustainable switch means a boring life! Nope, not at all! The coconut kitchenware at awenest will leave you in awe. It adds a modern rustic look to your kitchen along with saving the planet. The brown shade of coconut shell will not fail to catch the attention of your guests whenever they visit your home. Not just the colour, but their texture is also smooth and comfortable to touch. 


No matter what theme you have in your kitchen interior, this sustainable cutlery will enhance the aesthetics of your cooking and dining space. If you don’t trust us, experiment with it by placing a cooking set made with coconut shells in your kitchen. Start small, and we promise that you will not be able to resist the beauty of this mindfully curated kitchenware. 

awenest has a fantastic collection of coconut shell cutlery, kitchenware and tableware!

Once you are convinced that this is the best choice for you, your kitchen and the planet, you will need assistance in picking the best coconut shell and sustainable cutleries. Awenest will be at your service with some of its amazing hand-picked biodegradable cutlery made with coconut shells. Our collection includes a spatula, a cup for hot/cold beverages, a breakfast bowl with a base, a container with a lid, snack bowls and much more.


Find the best kitchenware, tableware and cutleries made from coconut shells on a single platform. Awenest brings the best eco-friendly brands together to save you time and energy. So, isn’t this the best reason to switch to a sustainable lifestyle today? Plus, you get all these products delivered to your doorstep without any plastic waste generated. Enjoy a guilt-free delivery with awenest, and enjoy your adorable coconut shell products too!

Biodegradable cutlery is the future!

Imagine a world where we all prioritise products made by upcycling waste. It will reduce waste and put a full stop to the mass manufacturing of other items that use chemicals and large machines. India is the largest coconut-producing country producing  19,247 million nuts in 2021-22. Isn’t it amazing that we have an abundance of raw material coming our way through mother nature? 


We also have thoughtful individuals and businesses who make it possible to collect and convert coconut waste into such beautiful products. All we have to do is choose biodegradable cutlery instead of fancy ones! The luxurious and fancy ones only look good, but they don’t support the planet. 


So, what will you choose the next time you buy for your kitchen? 


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