changemakers: Kashmira and Green footprint

changemakers: Kashmira and Green footprint

Kashmira on the story behind Green footprint and how sustainable living is affordable
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A dreamer, a believer, a do-er! Kashmira, a designer by profession, a sustainable junkie by heart. After toggling between fashion design, retail buying and managing her family business, she realized that none of these satisfied the soul, her passion clearly was elsewhere. A conscious decision to take up the challenge to create an affordable range of essential everyday products was the need of the hour.  The myth that eco-friendly or a sustainable lifestyle is for the elite is something that needed to be addressed. Our carbon footprint needed to change to Green footprint, hence the brand was born.

What triggered your sustainability journey?

As kids we never realized that we were taught -never to waste food, switch off lights when not needed, send things to the raddiwala for recycling, use all resources as carefully as you can- but all these basic things were lost on us when we got busy with the abundance of cheap plastic disposables! We didn’t realize when we moved from being sustainable to actually harming the planet.

When my husband and I brought a little human to this planet, we realized the amount of products we used and knowing the fact that it would end up nowhere else but the landfill, became a jarring truth that we just couldn’t ignore!

That’s when we re-started our sustainable low waste journey, a forgotten path which our grannies had guided us through.


Your personal sustainability mantra:

Buy Less, But  Buy Better


One sustainable habit that you never want to let go of

Carrying my reusable cotton bag and  water bottle everywhere!  So I can refuse, reduce, reuse and let recycling be my  last option!


One sustainable habit that you would love to develop

Rotting!! Composting all our kitchen waste is habit we are working on


What would your advice be to people willing to do more to preserve the planet

Take small baby steps, no one can turn into a zero waster overnight. Every little step counts, so make simple easy swaps in your daily life so your journey is easy and fun.


One fact that you would like to tell people about your brand

We want to break the myth that sustainable’ or ‘eco-friendly’ lifestyle is only for the elite! With our  all-natural, cruelty-free, biodegradable, locally made products we want to make it affordable for any eco-coscious consumers and also attract the non believers to our tribe.


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