Honey - best organic sweetener

Honey - best organic sweetener

what are the different varieties of honey

The human species have been consuming honey for many years. Approximately, there are 300 unique flavors of honey. Along with adding sweetness they also have medicinal and healing properties. To make sure you get all the medicinal benefits, it is necessary to get the best honey in India. Pure honey which is organic in nature has the power to heal your body.

It is advisable to have the best organic honey in its raw form. Avoid using processed honey available in the markets for better health.

But, where to find this pure honey from?

Do not worry!

We have it all covered for you. From the best honey in India to the benefits they give to your body, we will share everything with you.


Best honey in India is available in the following varieties

Organic Honey

Organically grown plants are the source of this type of honey. It assures that there is no amount of pesticide or any chemicals on plants. Organic honey is only produced from the pollen of organic plants. This honey does not go under any kind of pasteurization and is 100% pure. It is filled with healthful minerals and nutrients to nourish your health.


Himalayan Multi-floral

When the source of honey can be determined from a single type of plant or flower, it is monofloral honey. When the source is from many types of flowers, it is multi-floral honey. Bees pollinating from a variety of flowers in the Himalayan range form this honey.

The proportion of flowers keeps on varying every season and brings a unique taste. This honey helps in,

*  building the immune system;

* improving blood circulation; &

* helps in preventing cell damage.


Jamun Honey 

Jamun honey is gathered by bees from black Jamun trees. This is the reason why it has a dark colour and a slight bitterish taste. It is best for the people who are least concerned about sweetness.

Jamun is used to treat many diseases in Ayurveda. This honey reduces the pace of sugar released into the blood and enhances insulin levels. Due to this reason, it is considered the best remedy for diabetic patients. Conscious food Jamun honey is from natural & sustainably harvested sources.


Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey is produced by honeybees pollinating from chestnut trees. The uniqueness of this honey is in its colour and taste. It has a darker shade with a bitter aftertaste. This honey helps in

* reducing the duration of diarrhoea,

* preventing acid reflux,

* a good source of pollen, &

* rich in minerals and vitamins.

 Due to the high percentage of fructose in this honey, the process of crystallisation is slow.


Rosemary honey

Honey extracted from aromatic and beautiful shrubs of rosemary is thick in texture. It is mild in taste and has many beneficial characteristics. It helps digestion, treatment of colds, flu, and cough. It is used as an ingredient in many recipes as well. 


Eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey is of two components; nectar from blossom & honeydew from the bark of a tree. The ratio of nectar and dew will vary in every case, but blossoms will always be more in quantity.

This honey relieves -

* Cold and flu symptoms,

* Urinary tract infections,

* Reduces inflammations,

* Treats digestive disorders, and

* Acts as a strong antioxidant.

It has high levels of hydrogen peroxide and low moisture content. This makes it the best for reducing bacteria and healing. 


Wild Forest Honey

Wild forest honey is made by the honeydew collected by the bees from the internal forest area. This type of honey can lower the risk of heart disease and raise levels of good cholesterol. It also assists in treating respiratory conditions and nourishes the skin. 

These 7 varieties of honey have unique specialties and impacts health differently. Honey is a wholesome option to add sweetness to your daily routine along with health. Take a step towards a healthy lifestyle and consume the best honey in India.  Order from our unique collection of authentic brands


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