changemakers: mansi and giftgreen

changemakers: mansi and giftgreen

Mansi explains the inspiration behind GiftGreen

Before becoming an ecopreneur, she worked in biotechnology and forensics science. Mansi observed that the gifting industry -  was hugely unsustainable, with large amounts of wastage in packaging and unused gifts.

GiftGreen India was founded in 2016, the venture focuses on innovative green gift ideas with minimal use of resources, natural, biodegradable, and reusable materials, and gainful employment for artisans.

For the last 5 years, GiftGreen's products have been hugely appreciated by customers, corporations, government bodies, and the media. GiftGreen also organizes regular workshops online and offline on low-waste living and home gardening.


What triggered her sustainability journey? 

I was seeing a lot of waste being generated around me in the name of gifts and presents which made me think that we have moved away from the thought and moved towards polluting our nature. That was the time I thought I have to do something about this.

Her personal sustainability mantra:

It's a beautiful journey and I enjoy it..also using what I have and being very mindful of my consumption. 

One sustainable habit that she would never want to let go of: 

Using only what I need, rather than want. 

One sustainable habit that she would love to develop: 

I want to learn more about naturally dying my own clothes for now.

What would her advice be to people willing to do more to preserve the planet: 

Start educating yourselves and be more open to change and start adopting a slow life. Encourage others who are doing it and don't shame the ones who are trying.

One fact that she would like to tell people about her brand: 

We want to make earth-friendly products accessible to all.


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