changemakers: archana and shantae

changemakers: archana and shantae

Archana on bringing out the best in people and story behind Shantae

A passion for learning and mentoring are common threads running across Archana's life. She has been associated with a number of organizations - Common Purpose, Mentor Together, amongst others, where she uses her corporate experience and mentoring ability to bring out the best in people. This led her to start Light My Senses - a celebration of passion and purity. Her brand Shantae is a range of natural handmade skincare products which encourage people to nurture and love their natural skin. She shares her sustainability story with the awenest team.

What triggered your sustainability journey? 

I’ve always been a mindful consumer and over time became more conscious of how much single-use plastic is being produced in the food and skincare industry. Also, the amount of plastic waste and food waste generated is disheartening. So, this led me to take small steps to eliminate the usage of single-use plastic as much as possible as well as make more informed choices during purchasing decisions.

Your personal sustainability mantra:

My mantra is to make small but effective steps towards a more sustainable personal and professional lifestyle. The key is to make sure these efforts are consistent and become a practice that one does unconsciously and without effort or thinking twice. It could start with something as small as using a cloth bag when grocery shopping or swapping your kitchen containers from plastic to metal or glass or using rechargeable batteries instead of normal ones.

One sustainable habit that you would never want to let go of: 

I’ve developed a bit of an OCD when it comes to switching off lights & other appliances as I leave a room and turning off taps. So much so I don’t even realize when I do it!

One sustainable habit that you would love to develop: 

I still struggle with food waste and it’s an area I feel we need to be far more conscious about and be better at reducing.

What would your advice be to people willing to do more to preserve the planet? 

Start small and find ways that work for you personally. There is so much information available nowadays in whatever medium you’re comfortable with.  There are so many people & organizations that inspire by example and practice what they preach. And lastly, truly believe that one person can make a difference.

One fact that you would like to tell people about your brand: 

Shantae is a natural and chemical-free skincare brand entirely handmade- from production to packaging. And we are proudly a 100% plastic-free brand.


Author - team awenest 

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