changemakers: Namrata and Vishisht

changemakers: Namrata and Vishisht

How her personal need for natural skincare led her to found Vishisht - an ecofriendly brand offering natural skincare products

Namrata is the founder of Vishisht Lifestyle, an eco-friendly brand offering natural skin care products made using clean & pure ingredients. Before starting Vishisht, She was working in an MNC as an Accountant. Vishisht started as a result of her personal need for natural skincare as chemical-based products were harming her skin.

What triggered your sustainability journey?
I have always been a sustainability enthusiast and believed in the concept of less is more. This is why I bring the same values to my brand. What triggered it, even more, was when I saw a video of a turtle with a straw stuck on its nose. Plastic is killing marine life literally and it's really heartbreaking to see that.

Your personal sustainability mantra:
My mantra would be to always ask this question before buying anything - Do I really need this? This saves a ton of money and is sustainable as well.

One sustainable habit that you never want to let go of:
I have almost stopped shopping for clothes. I don`t shop unless I really need something. I try and just reuse whatever I have and try to make those clothes last longer. And even if I have to buy, I try buying pure cotton or clothes made using sustainable fabric.

One sustainable habit that you would love to develop:
I really want to give up buying packaged foods like snacks, biscuits etc. I have been working on it.

What would your advice be to people willing to do more to preserve the planet:
Start small. Take one thing at a time. We don't need to be perfect as long as we are trying. A good place to start is switching to the bamboo toothbrush and bringing your own water bottle everywhere.

One fact that you would like to tell people about your brand:   

We offer exclusive discounts to our customers when they return their used jars. This helps us close the loop.


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