changemakers: Thendral and Kamarkattu Ecostore

changemakers: Thendral and Kamarkattu Ecostore

Thendral's journey and vision behind Kamarkattu Ecostore
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Thendral, from Tamil Nadu, mother of two girls, had been a working mom juggling corporate career and family happily till 2019. A civil Engineer, she did her PG in XIM Bhubaneswar and had a brilliant experience in Tata Steel in various commercial roles for a decade. All the while, she and her family have been practicing a zero waste lifestyle – to start with – for obvious health reasons. They started with preparing their own essentials with locally procured raw materials, reduced consumption of packaged food items with preservatives and cut back on chemical filled personal care items. This also made her realize, to cut down toxins and waste in life, we always need to go an extra mile since good alternatives aren’t readily available at the stretch of hand. So she started working on this social venture to try to make sustainable living easy! Kamarkattu Ecostore has been started off with a vision to make zero-waste zero-tox life possible and affordable in this super fast city life.

What triggered her sustainability journey? 

Well, the journey started a decade back when we switched to natural alternatives to our daily essentials like toothpaste and soap as guided by our family doctor who is a Siddha practitioner. He made us think about all the ingredients which go into each product we use from dawn to dusk and as we started observing closely we were shocked by all that we consumed! That was the trigger point.

Her personal sustainability mantra:

To always use what is already available, exhaust and then think of buying at all. This is something which we had always been doing as Indians, but forgot in the  middle with such money influx and mindless consumption. 

One sustainable habit that she will never want to let go of: 

Composting. This is one thing I am super proud of, since I started the habit from scratch with a lot of effort, but the satisfaction it gives when the waste transforms to black gold - Unimaginable!!

One sustainable habit that she would love to develop: 

Swapping - I see so many cool online and offline swap places and so happy about the whole concept and how it gives the reuse concept a brilliant angle. Would love to start it very soon. 

What would her advice be to people willing to do more to preserve the planet: 

If you are already willing to do more, then congratulations! Start with simple switches, every change counts and the major thing is let us not panic with all the waste falling around. Eco anxiety only puts us down. Let's be hopeful and get mother Earth back to her glory :)

One fact that she would like to tell people about her brand: 

Kamarkattu Ecostore is all about being affordable when it comes to sustainability. We didn't want a sustainability enthusiast beginning journey and bogged down by all the expensive stuff around. And we believe in being transparent. All our ingredients in all our products are always put out for folks to check and buy. 



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