changemakers: Richa and The Happy Turtle

changemakers: Richa and The Happy Turtle

Richa's journey from corporate to Scuba to The Happy Turtle

Richa has had a varied career, first, with the global CPG brands - HUL and P&G, and then, as a scuba diving instructor.  However, her repeated exposure to plastic waste in the ocean made her chart a new course for herself. She started The Happy Turtle, a brand that aims to remove plastic from people's lives through awareness and products. Today, Richa is a veteran in the sustainability space and her brand The Happy Turtle has 100+ sustainable product solutions and copyrighted Plastic Footprint Calculators and other upcoming tools to drive awareness and a solution-focused mindset towards plastic pollution. Her Co-Founder Ambika carries the brand forward today! Here is an interview held by our Team Awenest on her thoughts on and her journey to sustainability.

Team Awenest: What triggered your sustainability journey? 

Richa: While I grew up somewhat eco-conscious, my awareness and need for action towards a sustainable lifestyle leapfrogged when I was teaching diving and saw the impact of plastic on marine life first hand. Its a completely different feeling to watch the beautiful sea creatures getting choked by marine plastic and confusing plastic bags for jellyfish and eating them. I was able to save one turtle one fine day by reaching the plastic bag first but there have been countless more incidents when marine life consumes plastic and there isn't much we are able to do as divers except watch and spread the word! It reached a point where the joy of diving was almost surpassed by the sadness of marine plastic and its impact and I decided I had to do my best to reduce plastic consumption!

Team Awenest: Your personal sustainability mantra?

Richa: Every small bit matters and if I can push my zero-waste limits a bit more today, it will have a ripple effect tomorrow!

Team Awenest: One sustainable habit that you would never want to let go of: 

Richa: Menstrual Cup and Living without an AC even in Delhi Summers


Team Awenest: One sustainable habit that you would love to develop?

Richa: Not use a heater during Delhi winters!

Composting safely with my naughty dog around (without breaking stuff)!

Team Awenest: What would your advice be to people willing to do more to preserve the planet?

Richa: Find your own path to sustainable living. There is no one fixed way! Take small steps every day and soon you will find yourself thinking sustainability first!

Team Awenest: One fact that you would like to tell people about your brand?

Richa: The attention to detail on all products to make sure they are truly sustainable, plastic-free, and proudly and fully Indian!


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