Don't rush to buy a plastic toothbrush

Don't rush to buy a plastic toothbrush

The need to replace plastic toothbrushes is REAL!
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Don’t rush, to buy a plastic toothbrush!

If you ever happen to visit a village in India, a toothbrush & paste is the last thing you will find in their homes. Yes, they rarely resort to using plastic toothbrushes to clean their teeth. They use tender neem sticks in order to maintain their oral hygiene. They pluck it directly from the tree and use it to brush their teeth. After using it, the sticks are disposed of and they soon mix with the earth, leaving no waste. 


What a wonderful, natural, and sustainable way to clean your teeth, right?


However, living in cities makes it a little harder to find a tree nearby on a regular basis. That’s why we have sustainable options to replace our plastic toothbrushes. 


But, wait!


Why do we need to replace the plastic toothbrush that we have been using for years? They are perfect for the teeth and work very well. What’s wrong with them anyway? 

The need to replace plastic toothbrushes is REAL!

Every plastic toothbrush you use adds to the 4.7 billion of them in the landfill every year. which then takes over 200-700 years to decompose. The handle of a toothbrush is made of the most commonly used plastic polypropylene and polyethylene. The bristles of the brush are made out of nylon.


The composition differs from brand to brand when it comes to the usage of plastic, however, it includes these items. They fall in the category of 1 and 5 with respect to the Resin Identification Code. Both the categories individually are recyclable. However, when this composition goes through recycling, the small parts get stuck in the machine and create much more problems.  


So, the best option is to search for an alternative instead of recycling plastic toothbrushes. These toothbrushes are disposed of in the bins which eventually end up in the landfills harming the soil and water. 

Well, what about an electric toothbrush? Aren’t they easy to recycle?

When it comes to usage, electric toothbrushes are much more convenient than plastic ones. However, they are much worse than plastic brushes when it comes to recycling. Electronic brushes are a combination of batteries with plastic, rubber, and nylon. This combination makes it even harder to dispose of them in a safe manner. When these toothbrushes are discarded, they leak battery fluids in the oceans and soils creating toxicity in the environment. 

So, what should we do now?

In place of your plastic or electronic toothbrush, you can start using sustainable options. This includes toothbrushes made with bamboo handles. At the end of their life span, they are easily biodegradable. The natural antimicrobial property of bamboo gives your teeth long-lasting protection against bacteria. It gives you the same benefits that you get from a plastic toothbrush. 


Bamboo has the capability to destroy the bacteria that enters through its surface, keeping your brush clean and your oral health perfect. The bristles used in sustainable brushes differ from brand to brand. Some still use nylon, while some prefer to use charcoal-infused bristles. 

Well, okay I started using a bamboo brush. How do I dispose it of later?

After you have used your bamboo toothbrush for a few months, the first thing you can do is reuse it. Yes, you can sanitize the brush and reuse it for various purposes like painting, cleaning comb or jewelry, removing dust from electrical items, scrubbing any surface or equipment, or any other purpose you may seem fit. 


After using it for a few months you will come to a point when it’s no more usable for anything. At that moment, the first thing you need to do is remove the bristles and put them in the recycling bin along with other recyclable plastics. The bamboo handle can then be disposed of directly in the garden or backyard you have, buried in soil, placed into a home composting or commercial composting facility. It will eventually lose its existence and change its forms in a few years without causing any harm to the environment.

Let’s wake up and change the world with our actions!

Bamboo toothbrushes are not only sustainable but they look really cool as well. Take pride in saving the planet every morning when you brush your teeth with a sustainable toothbrush. If you have a neem tree nearby and are curious to try the age-old method of cleaning your teeth, you can try that too. 


If you are looking for some options to swap your plastic toothbrush with a sustainable one, we can help you. Our collection of eco-friendly oral care products will give you the needed motivation and inspiration to initiate the change in your life. 


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