Power of Edible Cutlery

Power of Edible Cutlery

4  reasons to shift to Edible utensils!

4 reasons to shift to Edible utensils!

How wonderful would it be, if you could eat the plate and spoon after finishing your meal? 


Sounds exciting and magical, right?


However, this can be a reality with edible utensils. Imagine the amount of waste that can be reduced and the resources saved in washing the utensils by using them. Moreover, even if you choose not to consume them, they can be easily discarded. When disposed of at a proper place, they can also be eaten by a nearby animal. They can easily be decomposed in 5-6 days if left untouched in the ground. 


It feels like a boon to have such amazing options of safe to eat cutlery in a time of single-use plastic disposable dishes & spoons. These amazing utensils can come in the form of spoons, plates, bowls, forks and other similar utensils. 

Interesting, what are they made of?

Edible utensils are made from various grains including jowar flour, rice flour, millet flour, wheat flour, and cornflour. Any variation from the above is used in the making of this variety of cutlery. These flours are mixed with necessary spices like rock salt, cumin seed and black pepper are used to give them different tastes. They are available in sweet, salty & plain tastes. 


The process of making wholesome cutlery involves the process of - 


  • Kneading

  • Sheeting

  • Moulding

  • Baking


These plates are not only good for nature but also for your health. Yes, they contain many healthy nutrients depending upon their composition of ingredients. They seem to be a much healthier alternative to plastic cutlery. 

Let us tell you the 4 main benefits of using edible cutlery!

  • Easy to dispose 

Edible cutlery is extremely easy to dispose of. When it comes to any other kind of utensils like plastics, steel or any other material, it either needs to be washed or disposed of in a proper place. These utensils can be eaten by you, fed to animals, or simply left in the ground to be mixed with the soil. This makes it the best option when you are going for an outing or planning a picnic with your friends or family.  


You can have fun with easy to dispose of utensils without feeling guilty about creating waste when you use edible utensils for eating. 

  • Reduces plastic waste 

The air, water and land are polluted by the presence of plastics and microplastics. It has not only harmed human beings but also extended its terror to marine life and other beings as well. In this scenario, a wise decision of reducing plastic use to reduce waste is the best measure that can be taken. 


With edible cutlery, you can easily avoid using plastic in your events and outings. This will not only reduce the plastic waste but be a meal for any animals when left in the open ground. Intake of plastic can cause the death of other living beings, whereas an intake of this by animals and birds will fulfil their hunger. 

  • Beneficial for your health 

Made with the same ingredients used in your kitchen, edible cutlery gives you the best nutrients. Consuming food in plastic has the potential of causing you various diseases like metabolic disorders and reduced fertility. However, when you choose to have your meals in edible utensils, they add to your health. This cutlery is made by a natural process, flours, fruits, herbal leaves and contains fibre, protein, iron, calcium and many other beneficial nutrients. 

  • Good for the planet 


Producing plastic cutlery results in increased heat and carbon in the atmosphere. This results in a high carbon footprint. Also, the chemicals released while producing plastic include vinyl chloride and benzene. These are carcinogenic and neurotoxic. No such chemicals are released while making edible utensils. They are made with the same ingredients which are regularly used in the Indian kitchens. 


India was the country to produce the first edible cutlery. Bakey’s by Narayana Peesapati introduced the world to edible cutlery and then many organisations initiated the process. With increasing harm caused by plastic, this type of cutlery is the future and much-needed change. 


It’s time to become a part of the solution & opt for edible utensils over single-use plastic cutlery. This small step of eliminating the use of plastic cutlery will help in saving the planet from a lot of plastic waste. Begin using them now and experience the beauty of using healthy & tasty utensils while saving the planet. 

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