Fighting immunity this winter

Fighting immunity this winter

6 simple hacks to strengthen your immunity this winter

6 simple hacks to strengthen your immunity this winter


Lower temperatures breed an atmosphere for more viruses. Thus, winter requires you to work on your immunity even more consciously. Catching a cold or illness is quick in winter compared to other seasons. To keep you healthy and safe during these winter awenest has some amazing well-being hacks. These natural and impactful tips will help you maintain your health and enhance your immunity. 


We have always heard that “Prevention is better than cure” from our elders. These hacks are the best preventive cures you can add to your daily lives to keep illness at bay during winter. Without any delay, let’s jump to amazing immunity-strengthening hacks for this winter season. 


try the golden magic drink for boosting immunity


Turmeric, also known as the Golden spice of India, is the most effective ingredient for health. It is known for strengthening immunity and healing the body. An immunity drink made with this effective spice is one of the best ways to boost your strength during the winter. 


In a glass of warm water or milk, add a spoonful of turmeric and some desi ghee. You can either have it first thing in the morning, at night or anytime you feel. Ghee and turmeric strengthen your immunity, aids in digestion, reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation in the body. 


stay active and keep your body warm in winter


Body movement is inevitable for every season, however, it is necessary for winters. The body works hard to maintain its original temperature in the cold. Also, the muscles become stiff and need regular movements. Going for a walk, cycling or hitting the gym can be one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and warm during the winter. 


Along with promoting blood circulation, it creates the needed heat and relaxes the muscles impacted by extreme cold. It does sound pretty challenging to exercise on those chilly mornings. However, once you warm yourself up with some basic movements and go ahead, your body will thank you for the rest of the day. 


keep your health well with a spoonful of chyavanprash


Chyavanprash is the most common food item in almost every Indian household during winter. The immense health benefits gained through it have made it every mom’s favourite immunity booster. Along with being beneficial for health, it is also tasty. The main ingredient of Chyavanprash is Amla (Gooseberries). It is mixed along with other medicinal herbs. 


Filled with vitamin C and antioxidants amla keeps your skin glowing and supports your immunity on cold days. It prevents viral infections and also acts as a blood purifier. Our Vanalaya organic chyavanprash consists of amla, jaggery and desi ghee. One spoonful every day keeps all your health problems away for the whole winter.  


start your day by sun-bathing 


The scorching heat of the summer gives a soothing warmth on chilly days. Morning, afternoon, and evening soon feel like a blessing when the weather is cold outside. It destroys the viruses and pathogens from your body and paves a path for a healthy life. 


We all know that sunlight is one of the primary sources of Vitamin D. Along with providing vitamins, it keeps the blood pressure in control, reduces ageing and helps the body fight against diseases. Just 10-15 minutes of sunlight exposure in the early morning will do that job. If you plant your exercise outdoors, you can do both things together and save some time for other tasks. 


keep your body hot with some ginger shots


Ginger has anti-bacterial properties that protect against colds and viruses. The nature of ginger is to warm the body after being consumed. This makes it the best for cold seasons. If you love to gulp down ginger juice in the early morning to warm your body, then these ginger shots are perfect for you. 


A perfect combination of ginger, lemon and honey make it possible for you to protect your health from the cold. This ginger shot from 4more is an all-natural juice to reduce inflammation in your body, treat sore throat and maintain overall immunity during the chilly season. 


pack your body with nutrients from moringa 


Moringa is a nutrient-rich food containing proteins, vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin and iron. Being anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory in nature, it keeps you safe during the winter. It also helps lower your cholesterol levels and thus reduces the risk of having a heart attack. There are multiple ways of consuming moringa. 


You can simply consume the moringa powder with warm water or try food that has moringa infused in it. For example, moringa-infused green tea, ghee or honey are also a great source of nutrients.  


relax yourself with warm fluids 


Many people suffer from cough problems during the cold. Conjusted mucous and phlegm cause a lot of irritation in one’s body. Drinking warm fluids like water, soups and green tea lead to movement and release those congestion. Warm liquids keep the body warm in cold weather. 


soothe your sore throat with honey


Consuming honey is one of the best ways to protect yourself from respiratory diseases in winter. It prevents infections, increases immunity and strengthens your throat. You can simply consume a spoonful in the morning and night. Honey can also be a great topping for your desserts, green tea and salads. Starting your day with a glass of warm water and honey is one of the best ways to beat infections in winter. 


The honey at awenest is available in many different flavours including Jamun, moringa, sunflower, tulsi, turmeric, Kesar, berry, mustard, eucalyptus, and much more. Check out our wide range of honey collections and select your favourite for this winter. 


Winters are also the time to enjoy campfires and chilly evening walks. With stronger immunity, you can also enjoy those moments. Awenest makes sure to deliver all your winter essentials plastic free. Mother Earth needs similar care to remain green, healthy and thriving. Let’s take a sustainable step this time and care for nature too. 


Let’s make it a sustainable winter with awenest!


Author- brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin  and on instagram 

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