sustainable Secret santa gifting ideas

sustainable Secret santa gifting ideas

6 Secret Santa Gifting Ideas for Christmas 2022
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6 Secret Santa Gifting Ideas for Christmas 2022


Whose secret Santa are you planning to become this Christmas?


Christmas is almost here, and it’s time to begin your search for the best gifts for your loved ones. The joy of this festive season is in the gifts we give and receive. Gifting is an act to express your love and care every Christmas. Be the secret Santa to someone and fill their life with joy through gracious gifts from awenest.


Why awenest? You might wonder!


Awenest makes sure to give you the best gifts along with taking care of the environment as well. We make it possible for you to get the best eco-friendly gifts with plastic-free delivery. So, this Christmas, let the secret Santa in you do a favour to the environment. 


Let us get back to gifts! 


It can be extremely confusing and hard to select a suitable gift for your friends and family. To make it easier for you, we have listed some of the most interesting ones. Have a look and order soon. 


gift them a box of self-love


We all have that one person around us who is extremely careful about their daily self-care routines. This Himalayan Origin Giftbox is best for those who take care of their skin and hair with natural ingredients. This gift box comes with a coconut oil shampoo bar, mango butter and argan oil conditioner bar, a soap-free rose face cleanser, and Himalayan hibiscus hair oil. 


This vegan, organic and chemical-free skin & hair care solution is a gift option many will appreciate. Do you remember anyone who loves such gifts?


special gift for the little ones


Kids are the most excited about Christmas and their gifts. They look forward to new presents every year. Thinking about a gift for the little ones requires a lot of creativity and thinking. Thus, we have a special kids section for you. These eco-friendly toys are the best ones when it comes to giving something meaningful to them.  


If you have a kid who loves to read and is always curious to learn something new, we have informative books. These gifts will give much more than just joy. They will help them develop their skills and arouse more curiosity as they play along.  


make them go nuts with a box of healthy nuts


Your health-conscious loved ones will enjoy this perfectly curated box of healthy nuts. The date house is here with a City peacock hamper filled with mixed seeds, coconut crunch cookies, salted pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, flax seeds and mixed berries. Fresh and crunchy nuts can act as a perfect mid-day or midnight snack. The berries will go best as a topping on a smoothie bowl or a salad bowl. 


If this seems new to your family, give them a chance to try various combinations of healthy seeds and berries. They will surely enjoy the delicious taste of freshly dried seeds. Over and above all that, these seeds and berries are power packed with nutrients and minerals. 


it’s never too late to gift chocolates


Chocolates are the most commonly gifted items in almost every festive season. However, despite being such a common gift, they never go out of fashion. After all, no one ever says no to chocolate, right? There are always exceptions.


Keeping the exceptions aside, if you have chocolate lovers around you, this is the perfect gift for them. This royal-looking wooden box has 18 delicious date-dipped chocolates. The look and taste of the delicacies are irresistible. 


So, who are you planning to gift this luxurious box of sweetness?


one of the best gifts is, giving a box of cookies


If your loved one is fond of a sweet and salty combination of food, they will fall in love with this pack of four. Bazic is here with a gift pack that contains different flavours of cookies like bajra, jowar, oats and ragi. Gift your loved ones this pack of four that tastes good and is nutritious too.   


wallets and purses are also good gifts to purchase


A perfect combination of fashion, convenience and sustainability come together in our collection of wallets and purses. From casual pouches to luxurious clutches, we have it all at awenest. It's time to select the best one and let your loved one remember this gift forever.


The variety of purses belongs to well-known brands like clan earth and label sneha. Vegan and eco-friendly, these purses sustainably exhibit fashion. Explore the collection and order now. 


Did you select your gift? 


There’s just one more thing pending. 




Gift wrapping the presents with colourful and festive gift wraps. Yes, we have them too. Explore a wide range of gift wrappers and select the one that matches your taste for festivity. The celebration and fun begin as soon as you start exchanging gifts. 


Also, don’t forget to be sustainable as you step into the new year 2023!


Author-brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin  and on instagram 

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