Recycled Paper

Recycled Paper

Why is recycled paper the new trend?

Why is recycled paper the new trend? 


Paper is a resource regularly used in our daily lives. It can be a diary, invoice, greeting card, book, paper cup, or any other form, but the paper is always around us. Our lives depend on paper & it is impossible to imagine survival without it. However, the production of paper is a process that causes harm to the environment. In the last 40 years, global paper usage has increased by 400%. 


The process of paper manufacturing releases harmful gases like nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. These contribute to the formation of greenhouse gases and result in climate change. Deforestation is another effect of excess paper production. 


The by-product of paper mills consists of ash, dregs, grits, lime mud & pulp mill sludge. This waste generated is either dumped into landfills or incinerated. Thus, it is clear that increased paper production means increased harm to the planet. 


Do not worry, you don’t have to quit using it. There is a better way to deal with this issue. Today, we will focus on the benefits of using recycled paper & how can we consciously utilize this resource. 


the power of 'Recycled Paper'


By any means, the recycled paper proves to be more eco-friendly than regular paper. Paper is a 100% recyclable material that is recyclable 5 to 7 times. This renewable source, if utilized properly, will not cause much harm to the planet. 


Here are some interesting facts to support what we just said, 


  • Recycled paper production results in 40% fewer greenhouse gases.

  • 26% less energy is required to produce recycled paper

  • 43% of less wastewater is generated in the production of recycled paper.

  • Recycled paper production results in 73% less air pollution than standard paper production. 


Recycled paper saves the planet from greenhouse emissions and reduces the waste generated in the production process. Also, due to its recycling capabilities, the amount of waste generated is drastically reduced. 


So, next time you choose to buy a diary or any paper-based product, don’t forget to look for a recycled one.


practising conscious consumption! 


Just because you use recycled paper or a recyclable resource, it does not mean the usage can be unlimited. It is necessary to practice conscious consumption of this resource. Mindful consumption will result in minimum waste generation and maximum utility of resources. 3 R’s that will help you in consciously consuming paper are - 



To the extent possible, try to avoid hard copies of every document in your day-to-day life. Instead, choose to use a soft copy and save it on your device. Most documents are discarded after a few months or years and serve no purpose. Digitalizing them can be a great way to save lots of paper. While printing crucial documents, try to use both sides of the paper and reduce paper wastage. 



Try to reuse paper in different ways before you discard them. It can be used as a gift wrapper, in making envelopes & paper bags. Blank papers can be combined to form a journal or a rough book. If the paper is not glossy and coloured, it can also be used as mulch or as an input for composting.  



If you don’t find any purpose fit for the leftover paper, the best place is the recycling bin. Find a place that recycles paper and share your paper waste with them. Despite being compostable, it has the chance of ending in a landfill if discarded in public bins. So, make sure to personally hand over the collection to a nearby recycler.


how can awenest help you?


Using a Recycled product is the sustainable option you can switch to when it comes to paper usage. Our collection of recycled paper products includes journals, pens, pencils, & coloured pencils. It fulfils your paper needs from your college to your office desk and from your kid’s school to their drawing classes. Taking a step ahead towards sustainable life is easy when awenest is by your side. 


Along with best-recycled paper products we bring forward other sustainable options for a better lifestyle. Be a part of the community & explore the mindfully curated products at awenest. 

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