The Importance of Choosing Petrochemical-Free Dishwashing Liquid for Your Baby

Discover the hidden risks of petrochemical-derived ingredients in baby dishwashing liquids, including potential harm to human health and the environment
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Why should you avoid petrochemical ingredients in your baby dishwash liquid
Petrochemical-derived ingredients in dishwashing liquids may come with hidden costs to both human health and the environment. These substances, originating from fossil fuels, can release toxic by-products during production and use. Ingredients like synthetic fragrances, surfactants, and preservatives may contain harmful compounds linked to skin irritation, respiratory issues, and even potential carcinogenicity. These effects are even more hazardous for babies and kids. Daily exposure to these ingredients can cause long term health and reproductive issues. Moreover, the extraction and processing of petrochemicals contribute to environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions, exacerbating climate change and polluting ecosystems. 
To mitigate these risks, consumers can opt for dishwashing liquids made with natural, plant-based ingredients or look for products labeled as free from petrochemicals, reducing their exposure to potentially harmful substances while promoting a more sustainable choice for everyday household chores.
awenest baby dishwash liquid is 100% plant based, free of chemicals like sulphates, formaldehydes and infused with the goodness of lime and mint. It is also certified heavy metal-free and free of any added color or fragrance.
awenest baby is 100% all the way, just like you.
-Team awenest

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