Rejuvenate, Refresh & Recharge your face with our organic face cleansers!

Rejuvenate, Refresh & Recharge your face with our organic face cleansers!

organic face cleansers
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Rejuvenate, Refresh & Recharge your face with our organic face cleansers! 

Your face deals with a lot of dust, pollution & heat as you go through the day. It becomes necessary to regularly keep it free from oil, dirt & sweat. This needs to be done with utmost care and gentleness considering the soft texture of the skin. What can be a better option than vegan, organic & chemical free face cleansers that perfectly suit your delicate skin?


Awenest is here with face cleansers that meet all your needs! 


Our face wash gels are free from sulphates, parabens, phosphates, synthetic colours & artificial fragrances. These water-efficient face washes are not only environmentally friendly but also a delight for your face. Allow us to show you some of the best face cleansers that we have at the awenest. Each beauty care curation is designed keeping in mind the need of your skin. 


Here are some of our best face cleansers you must check out - 

  1. Juniper Berry Face Wash

Fruits hold the nutrients needed for fresh and healthy skin. Filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber & anti-oxidants, this Juniper Berry Face wash will surely make your skin glow. Along with deeply cleansing the pores it also hydrates the skin. This perfect combination of berry, orange, grapeseed, lime & olives will bring your skin alive with refreshment. 


Made with necessary essential oils, lots of love & care, this face cleanser is organic & vegan. Suitable for all skin types, this facewash from awenest will bring a glow to your skin with every wash. A perfect way to start your day is with the freshness & sweetness of Juniper Berry face wash. 

  1. Wild Rose Face Wash

With soothing, cooling & moisturizing properties, rose acts as a wrinkle eraser & healer for every skin type. Packed with vitamins A & C, it helps in slowing down the ageing process. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose reduce the inflammation and redness of the skin. Rustic Art wild rose face wash in its raw form repairs your skin gently. 


Excess oil production is a breeding ground for pimples, acne and other skin problems. The presence of rose helps in balancing out the moisture by controlling excess oil production. The astringent properties of rose lift the dirt and oil along with maintaining the natural pH balance of the skin.  


Make your summers fresh and cool with wild rose face wash from awenest. With the addition of mango butter & glycerin, this face wash is the best expression of self-love for your skin. 

  1. Sandal face wash

Sandal face wash with an essence of turmeric essential oil is the best fit to get young looking skin. Along with eliminating whiteheads and reducing tan, it leaves your skin with a cooling effect. Its soft and woody aroma will relieve your mind along with nourishing your skin. Sandal and turmeric are considered to have healing properties which repair the skin from any kind of damage.  


Whether you need to freshen up between your working hours or need a break from your studies, sandal face wash gives you the perfect rejuvenation. The rustic art sandal face wash from awenest is the best treatment to calm and soothe your delicate skin. This organic face wash comes in handy packing which can easily be stored in your purse, handbag or any carry bag while travelling. 

  1. Neem Basil Face Wash

As you set out to live your life, there are many challenges. However, keeping your skin healthy won’t be a challenge anymore with Neem Basil facewash from awenest. Give the best support to your skin as it fights pollution and bacteria with this magical face wash. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of neem and basil will give your skin a deep cleansing.


Suitable for oily to normal skin, this face wash gently cleanses your skin without harming it’s moisture level & delicate texture. If your skin gets high exposure to the external environment and travelling is your daily routine, then this is the perfect solution for all your skin problems.  

  1. Milk & Shea butter Ubtan

Milk acts as a natural cleanser, exfoliates your skin & is a skin toner. On the other hand, shea butter heals the cuts, fights breakouts and moisturizes your skin. This makes the milk & shea butter ubtan the perfect beauty companion for your skincare routine. Filled with ground minerals & rich proteins, every use of this ubtan will improve the look & feel of your skin. 


This ubtan is perfect for every age group, including kids to adults. Whether you are looking for tan removal, glowing skin or hydrating your skin, Vedanum’s Milk & Shea butter Ubtan is the answer to all your problems. 


Your skin is one of the most sensitive parts of your body that needs utmost care. With these natural face washes, you will easily be able to pamper your face with needed ingredients, original fragrance and care. Awenest assures you a skin care product that is 100% vegan, organic & chemical-free. 


Along with taking care of your skin, you are also taking care of the planet when you buy from awenest. Every delivery and packing process we execute is plastic-free, giving you a guilt-free self-care experience. So, are you ready to take a step toward healthy & plastic-free living? 


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