How to plan a sustainable Christmas?

How to plan a sustainable Christmas?

Express your feelings with personalised Christmas Cards

How to plan a sustainable Christmas? 


Each year festivals generate 23,500 tons of waste, 68% of which goes to landfill. Festivals are a great way to celebrate life and reconnect with the community. However, what good does it do to celebrate a festival in a way that harms mother earth? Excessive consumption, lots of waste and plastic decorations result in greenhouse emissions.  


As responsible citizens, it is our responsibility to consider the well-being of our planet along with celebrations. 


To make it simpler, we have 5 tips for a sustainable Christmas. A sustainable Christmas does not mean you don’t get to enjoy and celebrate the festival. It simply means that you choose options that are less harmful to the planet. 


Let’s get into the journey of celebrating a green Christmas. 


Wrap your gifts with beautiful papers


Gifts are at the core of almost every festival and celebration. Similarly, Christmas celebrations also call for the exchange of gifts with loved ones. When it comes to gifts, we all want to decorate them with beautiful gift wraps and ribbons. The plastic wrapper can cause lots of damage upon being disposed of. Instead of choosing shiny plastic wrappers, you can opt for hand-printed gift papers made with cotton, plant fibre, and other sustainable materials. 


These papers will give your gift a festive look without causing harm to the planet. The gift wraps can easily be composted and converted into fertiliser. Explore the different colours and designs of gift wraps at awenest, and select the ones that touch your heart. 


Choose gifts that do not harm the planet 


People express their love through thoughtful gifts for their dear ones. It can either be a book, a consciously curated recipe, something to wear or something that comes in use regularly. If you know the person well, it becomes easier to select the gift. 


Also, it is necessary to give things that won’t cause any further harm to the planet on its usage and disposal. Sustainable gifts are the new trend people are hoping for. Not just because it’s the trend, but also because sustainable gifts are the need of the hour. You can check out some of the best sustainable gifts for this Christmas at awenest and order the one that seems the best for your friends and family.  


An eco-friendly wreath will leave no waste for the planet


A wreath is an arrangement of flowers and leaves in a circular shape placed on the front door during Christmas. It hangs on the wall with a spirit of invitation to joy, happiness and lots of good luck. A wreath is available in different designs and looks beautiful on the door. However, wreaths with plastic decorations and fake plants can be hard to dispose of without causing harm to the planet. The plastic wreaths end up in the garbage and eventually decompose for years in landfills. This paves a path for soil, water and air pollution in the longer term. 


Instead of an artificial wreath, you can choose an eco-friendly wreath. It is organic, natural and made with real flowers and leaves. You will also find some DIY ideas for making upcycled wreaths. Choose plastic-free, compostable and sustainable wreaths this Christmas. 


Express your feelings with personalised Christmas Cards 


Expressing your feelings to your loved ones is a great way to strengthen the bond. This Christmas, take this opportunity to tell them how you feel about them. The best way to do that is by writing it down. Whenever you start to put your feelings in written words, the other person gets an opportunity to keep it with them and revisit it whenever they feel like it. 


We have a pack of Christmas cards for you to share your feelings through written words. For any family member or a dear friend, you can gift this card with a personalised message.


Plant a Christmas Tree or choose to do something creative


If you already have an old plastic Christmas tree that you reuse every year, great. However, if you are someone who discards the plastic tree and buys a new one every year, here’s what you need to know. That plastic tree is sitting in the landfill and will take many years to vanish from the planet. So, adding a new one every year is not a sustainable choice. 


To make your Christmas tree more sustainable, you can buy a real Christmas tree. You can also opt for creative ideas and make a book Christmas tree, a ladder Christmas tree or a wall Christmas tree. You can use almost anything that you have in your home and convert it into the shape of a Christmas tree. After all, the spirit matters the most in the Christmas celebrations.    


These are some of the crucial aspects to consider while celebrating Christmas. However, there are many more things to look for, like reducing food wastage, choosing sustainable food options, choosing stuff with less packaging and much more. As you begin your celebrations, set an intention to waste less and taste the satisfaction. 


Do not take it as a burden but as an expression of your love for Mother Earth. Let us make this Christmas sustainable and extend our love and warmth to mother earth too. 


brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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