The chemicals that go down your sink choke the planet!

The chemicals that go down your sink choke the planet!

When chemicals are poured down the sink, they can end up in water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and oceans.

The chemicals that go down your sink choke the planet!


Approximately, around 70% of surface water in India needs to be fit for consumption. Every day, 40 million litres of wastewater enter rivers and other water bodies. Out of this large quantity, only a tiny fraction is adequately treated. It is essential to sufficiently treat water before releasing them into the water bodies. The wastewater treatment eliminates the chemicals and toxins to make it reusable. 


However, not every drop of water gets treated thoroughly before reaching the large water bodies. Polluted water released in the rivers adversely impacts the villager's health in nearby places and agricultural activities. This river further flows into the ocean and carries all the pollutants which harm marine life. 


It is an effect of Residential Water Pollution. When humans use detergents, cleaners and other chemical-filled products that go down the drain, water pollution takes place. It depletes the oxygen level in the water and makes it toxic and poisonous for marine life and harmful for reuse. The wastewater biological treatment processes are effective, however, they fail to remove toxic chemicals from the wastewater.  


What can we do? 


This problem calls for an action plan to work on the root level. The release of chemical-filled water takes place from the household. As a part of the solution, avoiding chemical-based products is the first and easiest step, to begin with. Each time you mop the floor or clean the toilet, water flows down the drain and goes to the river. 


Swap the chemical-filled detergents, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, dishwashers, shampoo and other cosmetics with an eco-friendly alternative. Are you wondering whether these swaps are easily available or not? Let awenest be your guide in selecting the best alternative. Our awenest plant-based cleaners and clean beauty products will leave you in awe. Not only are they beneficial for the planet, but will also save you from the pungent smells of chemicals and irritation in your respiratory. 


Awenest plant-based floor cleaner and dish was is free from harmful chemicals. Made with natural ingredients, it is also safe for kids and pets. When such cleaners go down the drain, they do not choke planet Earth but allow it to breathe freely. 


The empty plastic bottles are also taking up the space!


What did you do the last time your floor cleaner bottle got empty? 


Did you reuse it? 


I am sure it seems too risky to do that due to the presence of chemicals and harmful ingredients. Thus, the empty bottles of all cleaners end up in the bin and then in the landfills. However, with Awenest-based floor cleaner and dishwash concentrate, you can reuse empty bottles or return them.  


These chemical-free cleaners come in glass bottles that are washable and reusable. However, if you choose not to reuse it, send a Whatsapp on the number mentioned on the product to return the empty bottles. No waste goes to the landfill when awenest is at your service. 


When you reuse the bottles or return them, the waste generated will drastically reduce. In the long term, when people collectively act on this, the landfill accumulation will stop, and further reduce pollution. 


Chemical-based cleaners harm you first before the planet..!


Observe the packaging of your chemical-based cleaner, and you will instantly find some red flags. The instructions might tell you to keep the cleaner out of reach for children and pets. They instruct you to wash your hands thoroughly after every use and also warn about possible irritation or sensitivity in the skin or eyes. 


Some irritation-causing chemicals in the cleaners include sodium hydroxide, ammonia, chlorine bleach, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, phosphates and much more. These chemicals can harm your skin, eyes, nose, and throat and cause asthma or a burning sensation in any of these parts. 


When you choose a cleaner free from harmful chemicals, you are selecting a healthy future for yourself, your family and your pets too! 


Do you want a healthy future? 


“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”


This small step of permanently quitting those chemical cleaners and choosing the awenest plant-based cleaners is the best decision. With these cleaners, the process of cleaning will not be a threat to your existence.


The natural and beautiful fragrance of cleaners will not irritate your skin or nose but leave you with a pleasant memory of cleaning joyfully.  

Brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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