11 Best sustainable corporate gifting options!

11 Best sustainable corporate gifting options!

Express your gratitude towards employee with ecofriendly gifts.

11 Best sustainable corporate gifting options!


Are you looking for a heart-touching and memorable corporate gift for your team members? 


How about selecting an eco-friendly option this time?


After all, gifting with a cause leaves a more profound impact on the receiver.


Your search for corporate gifting ideas ends here!


Every organisation expresses gratitude and appreciation towards employees with beautiful gifts and hampers. Express your core values as an organisation to your employees through this ritual of gifting. With awenest, you can communicate your support towards the planet with eco-friendly gifts. 


Are you curious to know what options we have? Well, let’s explore the 11 best sustainable corporate gifting options.


A Cookie Combo 


Go with this cookie combo for festive gifting. Stand out from the crowd and choose to gift cookies instead of sweets on Diwali and other festivals. The delicious taste and authentic grains will leave your employees and associates healthy and happy. 


Give them a new taste of authentic and nutritious grains, bajra, jowar, ragi, millets and oats. The hint of dark chocolate satisfies the sweet tooth, and the jeera adds some spice. The whole combo will give you the needed taste of sweetness, salt and love!


Sustainable Notepad & Pen-Pencil Set


Are you planning a new workshop or meeting to introduce something new? Gifting this combo is the perfect way to welcome your employees. The sustainable notepad and pen-pencil set will be helpful and also remind them of a significant cause with it. Plant the seeds in the notepad and pen-pencil after using the stationery. 


This idea of waste reduction can inspire them to take further steps in reducing waste in their personal life. Don’t forget to mention the concept of seeds inside this gift while passing it further. 


An Eco-friendly gift kit


This eco-friendly kit includes a travel pouch, cork wallet, and soy wax candle. The gift hamper comes wrapped in plastic-free and compostable packaging. The soothing candle and travel pouch can be extremely helpful for professional and personal purposes.  


Also, we have a particular new year zero waste gift box to greet your employees this New Year. It includes a plantable calendar, two stainless steel mugs, a folding glass and an upcycled coconut candle. 


Classic Chocolate Dates


Bring a smile to the faces of your employees with this sweet and delicious corporate gift. The classic date chocolates include 16 unique pieces made with Saudi dates and Californian almonds. Leave your members filled with love and taste by gifting them this box of joy. Their family and loved ones will also get a chance to be a part of this celebration. You will create a special place in their heart with the rich taste of these chocolates. 


Gifting delicious desserts can be done in many different ways. Awenest also has premium dry fruit-filled dates and mo’s gourmet gift box. Whether you are looking for a sweet or salty snack, awenest has it all.  


Natural Wood Mobile Holder


Mobile phones are the need of the hour. This unique gift will help your employees manage their phones while watching, reading or talking to someone. Natural reclaimed wood mobile holder allows the user to hold the phone in portrait and landscape mode. One can comfortably do any other thing without having to hold onto the phone. 


Upcycled Journal


Support your employees in beginning their journey of journalling or creating to-do lists by gifting this upcycled journal. The consciously curated journal has 50 upcycled pages and a beautiful textile cover. It has a magnet that closes the journal after writing to maintain its privacy. It is a perfect corporate gift for Christmas and New Year celebrations. 


Bamboobeat Sound Amplifier


Add music to their lives by gifting this bamboo beat sound amplifier. This sustainable and magical speaker does not need electricity, wires or batteries. It is renewable, durable and amplifies the audio. The Bamboo wood speaker is a perfect gift for a festive celebration that needs a lot of music, like Navratri or maybe Holi. 


Multipurpose Handcrafted Macrame Basket


This multipurpose macrame basket will be perfect if you want your gift to be creative and beneficial. The handcrafted intricacy in each corner is appealing. Instead of a boring plastic container, this macrame basket will create utility and add to the aesthetics. It can be a perfect gift for your birthday or for awarding an employee on achievement. 


Pair of Coconut Bowl 


This pair of coconut bowls will make your employees remember you even when they are out of the office. Upcycled coconut shells are the prime material of these aesthetic bowls. The support at the bottom allows the bowls to stand independently and hold the food item without any hassle. It is 100% natural, vegan and compostable cutlery that returns to mother earth at the end of its life. Pass on a beautiful example of zero-waste living by gifting these sustainable coconut shell bowls. 

Eco-travellers Kits


These travelling kits are a perfect gift for employees who regularly travel due to work. The happy travel kit and charcoal travel kit contains eco-friendly products needed for every travel. The charcoal travel kit contains 2 bamboo toothbrushes, 2 tongue cleaner, a neem comb, toothpaste tablets, a cotton pouch, an ubtan soap bar and a shampoo bar. 


The happy travel kit takes care of your hygiene while you enjoy outside meals and beverages. It contains a steel spoon, fork, knife, napkin, paper pen, pencil and a bamboo toothbrush. Carrying your own cutlery and travel accessories gives you a different freedom. 


Blue Planter with Motivational Quote


We have the best gift to motivate your team after a tough year or project. This blue planter with motivational quotes will be the perfect corporate gift in that case. It can stand by the working table with a beautiful indoor plant emitting positivity and motivation. The blue hue brings calmness, and the quote inspires the reader to keep going. 


A Corporate Gift reflects your values!


Many factors are to be considered while selecting a corporate gift. The occasion, recipient and the message you are willing to convey through it. All corporate gifting ideas listed above include sustainable and mindfully curated items. 


These gifts will suit all occasions, from birthdays to promotions and Diwali to Holi. Along with passing on the joy and love, you will also spread awareness about living a sustainable and zero-waste life through these eco-friendly gifts. Explore some more amazing corporate gifts at awenest. 


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