The power of bringing your own bag!

The power of bringing your own bag!

Are you ready to buy your own bag?
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The power of bringing your own bag!


Next time you check for your wallet before grocery shopping, don’t forget to check for a cloth bag as well. 


“Well, is it that important?”, you might ask.


Obviously, it is!


It is equally important and needs just as much attention. We all know about the increasing dumping in the landfills caused by single-use plastic shopping bags. It’s not just about the planet, cloth bags are much better than single-use plastic bags when it comes to shopping. 


A wave of conscious consumption has started around the world with the current climate crisis we are facing. Every individual is seeking out options that are more sustainable and eco-friendly. Bringing your own cloth bag while shopping is a small act that can make a powerful impact. Let’s understand how and why it has such a huge impact. 

Why should we bring our own bag?

Have a look at the vegetable vendors on the street. With every customer, they give out a plastic bag which will either end up in the landfill or the ocean. This can be stopped, only if we collectively act upon it. Every customer with a cloth bag is saying no to a plastic bag and saving the earth from this burden & pollution. Some remarkable impacts you can make by shifting to cloth bags are as follows - 


  • Save the resources - As you reduce the use of plastic bags, the production will be reduced too. Producing plastic bags do require energy, oil, and other resources. With reduced manufacturing, the saved resources increase and can be utilized in building something else. 


  • Reducing the waste to be recycled -  Even when the plastic bags are recyclable, they need to be segregated in order to go through the process. The pain of searching for recyclable bags from the collective garbage, cleaning them, and recycling them is way too much. Sometimes, as an alternative to all these processes, they are simply dumped in landfills. A cloth bag can help reduce that dump. 


  • Enjoy the strength of cloth bags - Cloth bags are much more sturdy and stronger compared to plastic bags. They can handle more weight and do not tear down like plastic bags. They can be used for years and can be washed if they get dirty. They can be used for multiple purposes like groceries, books, clothes, trips, or for a one-day picnic. It’s a single bag with many uses. 


  • Save your money - Many places selling groceries and clothes are charging for a carry bag. When you have your own cloth bag, you don’t have to buy a bag from the store. With every trip, you save some amount that you would have otherwise spent on the carry bag. 

What are the options we have?

  • You can directly buy reusable cloth bags from our extensive collection. Re-usable bags are made from a variety of materials including jute, canvas, denim, cotton, and other similar fabrics. Once you buy a reusable bag, make sure to carry it with you every time you go out to buy something. Whether it’s groceries, clothing, or any other material, bring your own bag and take responsibility for reducing your contribution to waste. 


  • If you have some extra material in your home, you can get a bag stitched from it. You can use old jeans or any other clothing materials to form a colourful bag. Get in touch with your local tailor and share the idea. You’ll be fascinated to see the wonderful bags they can give you from a simple piece of material. 


  • When it comes to buying liquids like milk or batter, use your own vessel. Just like you take your cloth bag, take along a vessel. In order to implement this, you will have to visit local vendors. 


  • Try buying in bulk to avoid plastic packaging when it comes to pulses, grains, and other food items. When you buy in bulk, you can get them packed in your own bag. Having multiple bags of different sizes will help you in keeping the bifurcations of food. 


  • Buying from local vendors is the best way to make use of your cloth bags and own vessels. When you resort to online shopping for each and every item, it becomes difficult to avoid packaging and plastics. 

How to build the habit?

We understand that building a new habit takes time. However, few actions can make it easier for you to build this habit. Some tips to help you get used to this habit of carrying your own bag are as follows - 


  • Buy multiple reusable shopping bags so that you can place them at multiple places. More bags will make it easier for every family member to avoid using plastic bags. 


  • Place one bag in the vehicle that you use regularly to commute. This will help you carry the items in case of spontaneous shopping. 


  • Place a cloth bag in your purse, handbag, or a school bag that you carry regularly. This bag will come to the rescue when you have forgotten to carry a cloth bag with you. 


  • Hang one near the door or at a place that comes to your notice while leaving the home. Every time you step out to buy something, it becomes easier for you to carry a cloth bag on your way out. 

Are you ready to buy your own bag?

By bringing your own bag you make a contribution to a greener and more sustainable future. The first step is to buy your own bag that will allow carrying all your shopping on a daily basis. We have a wonderful collection of beautiful, sturdy, and eco-friendly bags. Explore the collection and begin your journey of reducing the pollution and harm caused to mother earth. 


brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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