What is Bilona Ghee & why is it good for your body?

What is Bilona Ghee & why is it good for your body?

Benefits of Bilona ghee- A healthy way of living

What is Bilona Ghee & why is it good for your body?


Ayurveda has highly emphasised the usage of ghee in one’s daily diet. Along with being an ancient superfood, it was considered the food of gods. This nutritiously packed food is present in almost every Indian kitchen. It goes along with every Indian dish like roti, chapati, paratha, rice, dal or any vegetable. 


Simply adding one spoon of ghee on top of any dish will add to its taste and aroma. As such, there are many types of ghee available in the market. However, today we will talk about Bilona Ghee, which is considered one of the best for health. The preparation method of this ghee makes it unique. 


how is bilona ghee made?


“Bilona” is a wooden beater used to churn out the butter from the curd in ancient times. As this process plays a significant role in the making of ghee, it is known as the Bilona Ghee.


The Bilona method prepares ghee through a slow and elaborate process. It makes sure that the ghee does not lose its nutritional value. Regular ghee is made in a boiler through automated processes. This method results in quicker production but degrades the value of ghee. 


The process of making Bilona ghee is as follows - 


  • Milk Boiling - The collected cow milk/buffalo milk is boiled on firewood to eliminate any impurities and disinfect the milk. It is allowed to cool down after being heated. 

  • Adding Curd - Once the milk cools down, it is transferred into an earthen pot. A spoonful of curd is added to the milk. This addition will convert the milk into curd.  

  • Churning - This is the Bilona stage where churning happens. The wooden bilona churns the butter from the curd leaving behind buttermilk. This process takes lots of time and energy as it is done manually. 

  • Separation - The butter is separated after the churning and is used in making the ghee. 

  • Heating - This butter is heated slowly to separate the milk solids and get the golden liquid ghee. For clarification process, ghee is heated at slow temperatures until the milk solids turn reddish and settle down at the bottom. 


The Bilona Ghee method is time-consuming and requires more effort. However, this method preserves nutrients and makes it healthier. Also, there are many benefits of consuming Bilona Ghee. 


benefits of bilona ghee 


strengthening teeth and bones

The presence of Vitamin A and D helps in strengthening teeth, bones and joints. Vitamin A strengthens the bones, whereas Vitamin D supports calcium and phosphorous absorption. Vitamin D also helps in bone and teeth development. Massaging your joints with Bilona ghee also helps in relieving the pain. 


effective in weight loss

Consuming bilona ghee increases the metabolism of the body. It further helps in burning unwanted fat to help in weight loss. 


helps in digestion

Bilona ghee enhances the digestion process and transforms fatty acid into energy. It supports the body in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. Further, it also contains butyric acid, which is vital for digestive health, the colon and the intestine. It is also highly preferable for kids as it is easily digestible compared to regular ghee. 


anti-cancer properties

Due to variations in the method of making, Bilona ghee has various antioxidants like Vitamins A, E, and Butyric Acid. They fight free radicals and help against cancer. Also, a powerful element called conjugated linoleic acid present in this ghee is a powerful antioxidant. It brings down inflammatory compounds and protects from cancer.


taste and aroma

Due to its preparation method, Bilona ghee is better in taste and has an enticing aroma compared to normally prepared ghee. The slow process and purification on low heat enhance the fragrance and give it a taste you can’t resist. 


bilona ghee - a healthy way of living

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