When did you write your last postcard?

When did you write your last postcard?

Writing a postcard allows for a personal and tangible connection in a digital world, evoking a sense of nostalgia and thoughtfulness.

When did you write your last postcard?

When was the last time you wrote a postcard to someone? 


Are you finding it hard to recall?


Here’s a reminder for you to do it again! Very soon!


In a world where we have instant ways of communicating with our loved ones, writing a postcard has become a thing of the past. Being able to convey our regards within a few seconds has separated us from the thoughtful process of curating a loving message. All the fancy technological advancements cannot compete with the beauty and grace of a postcard.  


In the 1900’s postcards were a combination of Whatsapp, Twitter, email, Facebook and Instagram. It was the only medium through which people communicated creatively. One side of the postcard carries your message along with the delivery address, and on the other side is a beautiful picture. If you have experienced the beautiful phenomenon of writing a postcard, you must know its importance. However, if you haven’t, here are five reasons to inspire you to write one soon!

  1. it shows that you care

In the olden times, people waited for a message from their loved one for days to finally receive a postcard from them! The joy of reading those handwritten words was a different experience. The quick Whatsapp messages of “Happy Birthday” and “Take Care” don’t do enough justice in showing the intensity of our emotions. Now, imagine that somebody makes an effort to buy and write a postcard to you to express their love and gratitude in today’s time. 


Wouldn’t you feel special? 


In this fast-paced world, expressing love and care has also become quick. Selecting a postcard and writing a heartfelt message to your loved one’s on it will make them feel extra special. Instead of sending a simple WhatsApp, try sending a postcard on this birthday. The best way to show someone you care is through investing your time and creating something for them with love. 

  1. collect memories through postcards

Each side of a postcard comes with unique pictures. Some of these pictures have snaps from specific cities, dishes and festivals. Postcards can also be a great way to create memories as you travel. Find postcards with photos of the city you are visiting, and record the written memories by attaching them to your journal. Uploading pictures on Instagram is fun, however, writing down your experience on a postcard and revisiting it after a few years is what creates nostalgia. 


Awenest has an amazing collection of postcards from places like Manipal, Japan, Sirpur, Goa, Karnataka, Lucknow, Sikkim, and Hampi. It also has postcards with festive themes like Diwali, Christmas, Carnivals and Food Festivals. Next time you plan to visit any of these places, don’t forget to get a collection of postcards for that city. 

  1. indulge in creativity by writing

Hand-written letters, postcards and greeting cards are perfect alternatives to digital devices. Planning out a few hours once a month to write them to your loved one’s will keep your creative side active. The best part about a postcard is that it equally benefits the sender and receiver. The one writing the postcard gets to reflect upon their inner feelings and express them on the card. The receiver feels valued and loved whenever they receive the card. 


Receiving a postcard can help an individual suffering from loneliness or any mental health challenges. Being loved is what we want after all, don’t we? Knowing that someone has the time to sit and write to us is the best feeling in today’s busy world. 


Who would you want to give this feeling to?

  1. give them a reason to cherish

Give them a reason to cherish themselves and your presence in their lives. A small piece of thick paper has the power to bring a lot of optimism and positivity to someone’s life. Moreover, a postcard can be stored for years to come. Whereas, a message sent on a social media platform is hard to preserve. A postcard with personal pictures is the best way to remind your loved ones of a specific memory. 


Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals or holidays are the best time to send a postcard to your loved ones. However, it’s not at all necessary to wait for an occasion to send some love. An intention to reach out is enough for you to select your favourite postcard from awenest and express your love through words.  

  1. you create an opportunity to receive one

What goes around, comes around! We all have heard that at some point of time in our lives. When you send out a postcard, you create an opportunity to receive one shortly. Now, it’s not necessary to build an expectation and wait for it to come. Some of you might receive, and some of you might not! However, the chances are more when you send a postcard compared to when you don’t send it to anyone. 


Another interesting way is to send a postcard to yourself while travelling. Let’s assume you went to Goa and sent some postcards with written memories on your address. When you reach back home, get ready to receive some nostalgic postcards that you sent to yourself. They will refresh your memory and bring you joy whenever you receive them. 

postcard at Awenest by Heenas.in

The mindfully curated collection of postcards at awenest is by Heena, a traveller and writer. She creates creative postcards with recycled paper through her travel memories. She has done an outstanding job by pouring her heart into curating the lovely postcards. 


Are you ready to express yourself and share a piece of your inner world through them?


Writing and sending a postcard will require you to attach a simple stamp before you post. Send these postcards to your loved ones within India and foreign countries too! Consider this blog a reminder to express love through a forgotten way of sending hand-written postcards. Start making a list of all people to whom you are eager to send a lovely postcard.


Who will be the first one to receive your written love?  


Brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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