Why is plant-based dishwash from awenest an excellent choice for cleaning?

Why is plant-based dishwash from awenest an excellent choice for cleaning?

A sustainable product that ticks all boxes is finally here!

Why is plant-based dishwash from awenest an excellent choice for cleaning?


Are you also tired of the chemical-filled cleaners in your kitchen? 


Don’t want to deal with roughness and irritation in your hand while washing the dishes?


Looking for a plant-based dishwash to replace those harmful cleaners? 


Well, you have come to the right place. Awenest is here with its plant-based cleaner that meets all your requirements. Curious to know more about it? 


Well then, allow us to introduce you to the powerful plant-based dishwash from awenest. It has a unique fragrance of neem, lemon and orange extracts. Each ingredient works to eliminate the bacteria and keep the utensils clean. It is effective on dishes and also gentle on your skin. 


Still wondering whether you should buy it or not? 


Read ahead to know what makes this plant-based dishwash from awenest best from the rest. 


7 Reasons why you shouldn't miss this plant-based dishwash from awenest! 


  1. It is a cruelty-free & vegan dish wash gel


Many of the personal products that we use are either tested on animals or use some animal-based ingredients. The production process of this dish wash gel does not harm any animal or use any animal product. Feel the satisfaction of not causing harm to any animal with every use of this plant-based concentrate. You can enjoy the cleaning process without any guilt.  


  1. It is 100% plant-based & made with natural Ingredients


Neem and lemon are well known for their anti-bacterial properties. Moreover, the citric acid in lemon and orange removes the grease and dirt from the utensils. These three ingredients together clean the dishes and give them a pleasant fragrance. 


  1. It is free from Sulfide/Fluoride & Paraben


Washing utensils can sometimes leave your hand dry, rough and irritated. This happens due to various chemicals like sulfide, fluoride and paraben in the gel. However, when it comes to this plant-based dish wash, you do not have to worry about that. It is free from all such chemicals and is gentle on your skin as you do your daily chores. 


  1. This dish wash is safe for your babies & pets


Using cleaners that are safe for your baby and pet is extremely necessary. You do not want their skin to get rashes or their health to be harmed in any way. This plant-based dish wash goes beyond your cleaning needs and assures care for every family member. 


  1. Reusable Bottles are used to pack this concentrate


The dish wash is delivered in glass bottles with a reusable pump. If you choose to reuse the bottle, you can do that or return the bottles to awenest by sending us a WhatsApp at 9920843845. Reusing the bottle is safe and easy due to the absence of chemicals in the dish wash. An empty bottle can be washed and reused for any other purpose.  


  1. It comes in a concentrated form


The dish wash is available in a concentrated form. It can be further diluted by adding water whenever you use it. This way, more dishwash can be stored in less space, saving the bottle and transportation. All you have to do is add the water by yourself. Just 2 drops of awenest dish wash will work for a sink filled with dishes. 


  1. You can buy it at a reasonable price


The main complaint with sustainable products is their price. People perceive sustainable products to be highly priced and out of their reach. This plant-based dishwash from awenest meets the value of regular dish wash gels when used in diluted form. Also, these are not harmful to your skin and are eco-friendly. 


A sustainable product that ticks all boxes is finally here!


Having gone through the benefits this product offers, you must have realized this is a unique product in the market. More than the benefits of this product, the need is much higher. With increasing chemicals in the water bodies and plastic waste in the landfills, somebody needs to do the work. 


Awenest is doing its part by helping people shift to sustainable dishwashing gels. It is time for you to take that shift and do your part. 


Will you? 


Find plant-based dishwashing concentrate from awenest here.  


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