Awenest Accessories: From Plastic Waste to Handwoven Products by ReCharkha!

Awenest Accessories: From Plastic Waste to Handwoven Products by ReCharkha!

Support sustainability and buy consciously!
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Awenest Accessories: From Plastic Waste to Handwoven Products by ReCharkha! 


Out of 9.46 million tons of plastic waste produced in India, 40% remains uncollected and ends up in landfill. Globally, 36% of plastics produced every year is used in packaging, for food and beverage containers, 85% of which ends up in landfill. The convenience of getting packaged food in plastic is creating havoc on the planet. 


As people consume more and more, the waste is consistently increasing. Some of it is single-use plastic which is not recyclable. The rest gets mixed due to improper waste segregation and sits in a landfill for years. What if we told you that waste plastic packaging is convertible into beautiful accessories? 




This new brand on Awenest, ReCharkha, has made this possible!


What does ReCharkha do? 


To resolve waste management, this social enterprise utilizes non-biodegradable and difficult-to-recycle Plastic Waste. They upcycle the plastic waste to form beautiful handcrafted fabric using traditional charkha and handloom. This fabric then takes the shape of handbags, office utilities, home decor products and fashion accessories. 


The plastics ReCharkha uses include -  


  • Plastic/Polyethene bags

  • Multilayered wrappers of gifts

  • Biscuit packaging

  • Old audio & video cassette tapes

  • Cereal, flour and detergents packets


Along with collecting the wrappers by themselves, ReCharkha also accepts waste from any eco-conscious consumer willing to help. They need to be cleaned and cut appropriately before being sent. 


Reduction in waste and employment generation!


The process of creating fabric and converting it into products takes place manually. It requires a huge team to pull over a large amount of production. ReCharkha employs tribal women and youth through this initiative. Although it seems like a solution to reduce plastic waste, this initiative vastly targets many problems with scalable solutions. 


This initiative puts waste to proper use, reduces the burden on landfill and generates employment for rural women and youth. Their long-term vision is to rise towards eco-social development. This process also spreads awareness among the citizens to reduce their plastic consumption and dispose of it at a proper place if they choose to use it. 


ReCharkha Accessories at Awenest


  • Shopper Tote

This cosy carry bag has key hooks, pockets and a large space to store essentials. This bag is the perfect way to show your sustainable choice fashionably. 


  • Yoga Bag

Are you a yoga fan who loves to travel with a mat? This upcycled handwoven yoga bag is perfect to sling around your body or hand on the shoulder. The upcycling of 35-40 plastic bags forms this yoga bag. Experience the joy of not letting these bags go to waste with this yoga bag. 


  • Diary Cover

This diary cover is best for all writers and individuals who love to express their experiences through words. It protects the edges of your book and keeps the pen in place. Close the book with a hook and safeguard your notes with this decorative diary cover. 


  • Cross Body Sling

Perfect for boys and girls, this cross-body sling bag is stylish and suitable for colleges, schools and classes. This utility-based bag saves the planet, gives you a fashionable look and holds your stuff. 


  • Gym Bag

Did someone say GYM? This Gym bag is perfect for your towel, a bottle of water, smoothie, shoes and other necessary items as you hit the gym daily. Store up to 6-8kgs in this bag without any worries as you head to the gym.  


  • Laptop Bag

You will not regret ditching your old bags for this handwoven, sleek, and easy-to-carry laptop bag. The foam from furnishing waste will keep your electronic device safe. 


Along with the above list, they also have Table Runners, Grow Pots, Laundry Bags, Lunch bags, and Collapsible Storage boxes. 


Support sustainability and buy consciously!


Every year, we buy new things and throw away the old accessories. An initiative like this brings forward an opportunity to reduce waste by buying consciously. With every new purchase, you are supporting the process of waste reduction. Instead of choosing a bag made from fresh materials, buy an upcycled bag made from waste from awenest - Toxin-free Cleaning at no extra cost


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