7 Ways to Make it a Plastic free July 2023

7 Ways to Make it a Plastic free July 2023

Practical tips to eliminate plastic waste and promote a plastic-free July 2023.

7 Ways to Make it a Plastic free July 2023

Plastic Free July 2023 is a global movement that inspires millions of individuals to take a step towards making this planet healthy. Every small step towards eradicating plastic leads to a cleaner street, oceans, and a healthy ecosystem. Approximately 50-75 trillion pieces of plastics and microplastics are currently in the sea. Out of which, only 1% floats on the surface. Rest 99% stays below the surface and harms marine life. 


Plastics are also responsible for various health issues like cancers, lung disease, and birth defects. Their contribution to landfills and air pollution is yet another harm to the planet. However, this blog is not about listing the harmful impacts of plastic waste. It’s about taking part in Plastic Free July 2023 through mindful actions and bringing a change.  


Here are 10 simple ways in which you can support the Plastic free July 2023 movement - 

  1. Say No to plastic-straws

The first swap in today’s list is the disposable straw you use to enjoy your favourite beverages. Every time you enjoy a smoothie, juice or coconut water outside, what straw do you use? A plastic straw or a paper straw? Many shop vendors have started offering paper straws due to the ban on plastic straws. However, the waste generated ends up in the landfill only!


Paper can be composted, but do those straws go to composting? 


You can carry a reusable steel straw whenever you go out and save all that waste from going to the landfill. Awenest has a collection of multiple reusable straws with cleaners for you. Having your straw is not only sustainable for healthy for you.  

  1. Bring your own Reusable Bag!

Every Indian home has one such corner where there is a treasure of all the plastic bags collected from shopping. With the intention that we would reuse them, we get them. However, it sits there for years and somehow ends up in the garbage. Instead, keeping a minimal collection of reusable cotton bags will keep that corner decluttered. 


Plastic-free July 2023 is all about bringing a trend of carrying your reusable bag. Yes! Using the beautiful cotton bag, you save planet Earth from the excessive burden of those plastic bags.  

  1. Reusable Bottles and Cups

If you travel frequently, then these two things should be a part of your carry bag. A reusable bottle allows you to re-fill water whenever required, and a cup gives you the freedom to enjoy your beverage without polluting the planet. Store-bought water bottles are equally harmful to mother earth and your health. Moreover, the variety of bottles available on awenest will leave you in awe. You can have multiple bottles for different occasions and events. 


Let plastic free july 2023 be the month that deepens your friendship with reusable bottles and cups. With these options, your health will be safe when you travel outside.  

  1. Wrap with a biodegradable wrap!

Have you seen those vegetables and fruits in the frozen area of your retail market, tightly wrapped in plastic? That’s the inspiration we take when we have leftovers at our place. Pause for a moment and ponder upon this question.


What do you do with some leftovers or a portion of warm food you need to pack? 


Either a plastic foil or an aluminium foil, right? The insanity of wrapping natural things in plastic wraps has been going on for years, and we have accepted it. However, now some alternatives teach us the healthier way. Use cloth wraps, beeswax wraps, utensils or any container to store things. 

  1. Buy Plastic-Free Products

We regularly buy home cleaners, food items, beauty products, footwear or clothing. Try to find an option that creates the least plastic waste. Plastic free july 2023 is about evaluating multiple options to find the most sustainable one. The best way to decide is by focusing on the two crucial factors - packaging and production. 


Get knowledge of the process and ingredients used in production to know about the plastic presence. When it comes to packaging, you can see it as you buy the product. The last use of plastic in production and packaging will make a product the most suitable for your health and planet.  

  1. Choose sustainable decoration

Celebration time calls for a grand decoration that brings the space alive. However, what benefit does it do when we decorate by harming the planet? The plastic decor and rubber balloons in the decoration eventually add to the waste. What if we told you that sustainable decor brings the space alive and is healthy for the planet too?


Use a chalkboard instead of a hanging wish with plastic letters. Creative origami art of butterflies, balloons and other animals can make the space decorative. Enhance the cake table with a linen designer cloth or a table runner. Using things made with wood and cotton is another option for party decor. Plastic free july 2023 is all about choosing beautiful and eco-friendly options. 

  1. Plastic-free Sanitation

Disposal of single-use menstrual products like pads, tampons and other similar products generates 200,000 tonnes of waste per year. Such waste is difficult to bifurcate and process further. It can also cause infections in the cleaners who segregate waste. Plastic free july inspires you to step towards healthy sanitation with reusable products. 


Cloth pads and menstrual cups are the two main sustainable alternatives for menstruation. They last long and can be reused for years to come. Another sustainable option for menstrual cycles includes period panties. Try out all of them and find the one that suits your body and lifestyle.  

  1. Conduct a Waste Audit

Plastic free july 2023 does not intend to only keep you sustainable for this month. The intention is to build a long-lasting habit that becomes your lifestyle. However, who will follow up on whether the habits are implemented? A Waste Audit! Conducting regular waste audits at your home or workplace will help. The waste will highlight the aspects wherein you need to make the changes. 

Are you ready for Plastic Free July 2023? 

It’s all about beginning your plastic free journey. Start by making small swaps and extend your awareness to other aspects of life. Identify the presence of plastic and start thinking about the alternatives. If you fail to find a solution, explore awenest. We have plastic-free, organic and cruelty-free products for every aspect of your life. 


Delivery at awenest is plastic free and always reaches on time! So, what shifts are you making for the plastic free july 2023?  


Brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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