Make your office eco-friendly with 5 sustainable stationery swaps!

Make your office eco-friendly with 5 sustainable stationery swaps!

Transform your office into an eco-friendly space with these 5 sustainable stationery swaps!
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Make your office eco-friendly with 5 sustainable stationery swaps!

What does a typical day at your office look like?


People using disposable plastic pens or wooden pencils to write on new paper diaries? 


Let's make a simple swap to convert your office into a sustainable space. Yes, with awenest, we have the best sustainable stationery options that serve your purpose and protect the planet. You might not realize the importance of this swap till you see a mountain of disposable plastic pens from all the offices in India. Every new book or pencil manufactured requires wood or paper. Innumerable trees are beheaded to meet this manufacturing need.  


The sustainable approach intends to use waste paper to create plantable stationery. It puts the paper trash to productive use. As a result, cutting trees is not required for the new manufacturing process. Moreover, the seeds infused in these eco-friendly stationery kit allows you to plant them at the end of their lifecycle. Thus, using sustainable stationery generates no waste.  

Here are 5 Sustainable Stationery swaps for your office - 

  1. Eco-Happy Seed Pens 

Our first swap of sustainable stationery includes eco-happy seed pens with blue ink. They are plastic-free, organic and zero-waste alternative to plastic pens. They are home compostable at the end of their lifecycle. Having these pens in your office will reduce the overall waste generation in your workplace. Moreover, the packaging in which awenest delivers is free from plastic. 


The practices you have in your workplace leave a message about the organizational values that you follow. Let your employees, partners and associates know that you are equally concerned about the environment and your business. The eco-happy seed pens come in packaging of 20 and 100 units. If you have a large team that regularly writes, then a pack with 100 pens is the best for you. 

  1. Plantable Seed Colour Pencil

Do you also keep a box of colour pens or pencils to highlight important aspects of a report or document? Instead of using those colour pencils made with wood, try this plantable seed colour pencil. The covering of this pencil uses recycled new paper. Moreover, after using the pencil, you don’t have to wonder how to dispose of them. Simply plant the pencil in a nearby garden and see the magic unfold.  


Sustainable stationery meets the needs of the customer and saves the planet. Once it serves the purpose of colouring, the seeds in the pencil will grow in the land, and the paper will mix with the soil. When you feel that the length of the pencil is so small that it has no further use, bury it in the soil and water it daily. Enjoy the satisfaction of growing a plant instead of adding to the waste. 

  1. Recycled News Paper Pencil

Buying a recycled newspaper pencil box means saving a lot of trees from being cut. Did you know that for 15 billion pencils per year, we have to cut about 60,000 trees? When we recycle the existing paper, it not only saves the trees but also uses less energy and resources. This shift in your workplace will conserve trees and reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by paper-making industries. 


These wood-free pencils are tightly rolled around the lead using recycled newspaper. They are easy to sharpen and help you get your thoughts on paper easily. It is the best writing weapon for an eco-warrior living a mindful life. Decompose the leftovers at the end of the lifecycle and be a part of the solution. 

  1. Eco-friendly Stationery Kit

Are you already using sustainable stationery in your office and want to take this one step further? Why don’t you gift your employees an eco friendly stationery kit on their birthdays, festivals or the new year? This sustainable bioq plantable stationery combo includes an ink seed pen box with seven colours, a premium seed pencil box, a handmade seed paper notepad and an eco-friendly jute bag.


Allow your employees to explore how it feels to use sustainable and eco-friendly stationery. Not only will they remember you every time they write, but express gratitude for this change that you initiated in their life. You never know when this small step can make them more mindful of their personal choices. The sustainability factor will slowly enter their personal life resulting in less consumption, mindful usage of resources and avoiding plastic. 

  1. Recycled Paper Journal

The last and the most commonly used sustainable stationery product is a diary or a notepad. What do you do with all the used journals? Throw them or recycle them? What if we told you that this journal is made from an old paper that can be a part of somebody’s journal? This beautiful cycle of reusing through recycling teaches us how we can save resources by putting them to use multiple times.  

This recycled paper journal with a world map cover is perfect for a professional setup. Let your office desk be adorned with a journal that reflects sustainability. Hand-made paper with a hardbound cover in 5”*7” size will fulfil all your writing needs. Get this plastic-free, recyclable and compostable journal. 

Why is sustainable stationery important?

It is necessary to focus on products that reduce waste when there is a continuous increase in plastic and paper waste in landfills. Sustainable stationery is the best way to reuse paper waste and reduce the manufacturing of plastic-based products. Moreover, the eco-friendly stationery brings a rustic and aesthetic look. 


Save the forests, reduce the waste in landfills and carbon emissions by shifting to eco-friendly stationery. Awenest provides you with multiple options when it comes to your office supplies. Explore and execute this decision of going green in your office!


Brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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