Get the best eco-friendly and natural cleaning products at awenest!

Get the best eco-friendly and natural cleaning products at awenest!

Discover a wide range of eco-friendly and natural cleaning products for a greener, healthier home at awenest.
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Get the best eco-friendly and natural cleaning products at awenest!

Cleaning is a crucial part of our lives. 


Are you using the best eco friendly and natural cleaning products to do that? 


It can either be cleaning the utensils or the surfaces of the kitchen, we do it every day. But, did you know that the everyday cleaners you use are not the best one’s for you? If you choose the best for your family in every aspect of life, then why not in cleaners? 


Some of the most famous cleaning brands we have used for years serve us with the most harmful chemicals. It’s time you realize the severity of using these products and shift your lifestyle. Understand the truth of these so-called effective chemical cleaners. Once you realize how harmful they are to your health and the planet, you will automatically find a safer alternative.  

Are eco-friendly cleaning products better?

As you think about shifting from your regular products to eco-friendly products, a question that pops up is, “Are they effective?” or “Are they better?”. This doubt will resolve by the end of this blog. The best eco friendly and natural cleaning products are the ones that are safe for you and healthy for the planet. 


Natural cleaners clean the surface rigorously without harming or damaging it. Caustic chemical-based cleaners harm the surface and skin. Eco-friendly uses natural antiseptic and cleaning ingredients like lemon, neem, basil, citronella, sea salt and much more. These components not only clean the surface but also radiate a natural fragrance. It makes the cleaner effective and pleasant to use. 


When these naturally made cleaners go down your drain, they do not harm the water bodies. Also, when you use the best eco friendly and natural cleaning products, you reduce the harm caused to your health. Chemical-based cleaners enter your body through respiration and cause respiratory problems, skin burns and irritation. 

Which cleaning products are eco-friendly? 

Every other cleaning product in the market will have the label ‘natural cleaner’. Merely writing these words does not make any cleaning product healthy for your home. Understanding the indicators that assure the product is free from chemicals is essential. To identify the best eco friendly and natural cleaning products while you shop, consider these points. 

  • Check the Indgredients

Instead of simply getting swayed by the colours and titles on the front of the product, have a look at the back. The list of ingredients mentioned in the back will tell you the truth. If you find anything that doesn’t seem to be a natural ingredient, google it and find its impact on your health and the environment. Some of the most harmful chemicals to avoid in your products are triclosan, phosphates, ammonia, sulphates, bleach, artificial fragrance, colour, and harmful acids.

  • Get to know your manufacturer

If you are exploring a new brand, get to know the manufacturer and the philosophy behind the product. Browse through their website, read the customer reviews, read the product description and identify the intention behind the creation of their product. Ask for clarity, if you feel the need to do so. Also, check that the products are vegan and do not use animal-based material. 

  • Product Packaging

Product packaging is another main factor that helps in determining the sustainability of the product. If the packaging is recyclable or reusable, the creators have made an effort to think about the planet. Also, it can be a biodegradable packaging that mixes with the earth. 


Once you have verified the product through these parameters, you can identify the best eco-friendly and natural cleaning products. Do not simply fall for the ‘green products’ based on the tag. Take some time to identify the authenticity of the company and its transparency regarding the product. 

Non-Toxic cleaning products by awenest!

Awenest has taken out the time to curate a mix of cleaners that effectively removes the stains without any chemicals. All these cleaners are free from ammonia, phosphates, parabens, sulphates, artificial colour, and SLS/SLES. Here are the three best eco-friendly and natural cleaning products by awenest.

  1. Multi-Purpose Cleaner

It is one of the best eco friendly and natural cleaning products made with plant-based ingredients. The concentrated form of the mixture in packaging will make upto 1litre of multi-purpose cleaner. Use it to clean the kitchen top, mop the floor, glass, wood, or bathroom faucets and wall. It is made with lavender, sea salt and coconut to work effectively on dust and leave a refreshing fragrance. 

  1. Floor Cleaner

Clean your floors with this basil and citronella natural cleaner by diluting it in water. The combination of turmeric, lemon, cardamom, and vinegar will keep the insects at bay. A clean floor and healthy surfaces are necessary for families with small kids and pets. Using chemical cleaners can directly harm them. This plant-based formulation will leave your floors smelling fresh and free from germs. 

  1. Dishwash Concentrate

The utensils that we use have to be clean and free from chemicals. Using powerful dishwash bars provides a quick solution. However, you have no idea about the small chemical particles they leave behind on your dishes. Instead, use this concentrate made with lemon and neem. It is one of the best eco-friendly and natural cleaning products by awenest for cleaning your dishes. 

Your search for the best eco friendly and natural cleaning products ends here!

Plant-based cleaning products will keep your home and planet free from chemicals. They are not an option but a priority for future generations. The world is seeing excessive chemicals in the water bodies, air and land. One of the solutions to reduce the chemicals is to stop using them. 


Stop using chemicals in the name of effective cleaners. Start your journey with the best eco friendly and natural cleaning products from awenest. It is difficult to trust a brand unless you use its products and see the impact. Give it a try, and we promise you won’t look back! 


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