Celebration of environment

Celebration of environment




“Show that you care,

With the gifts you share!”


Who doesn't like gifts? Everybody loves gifting and receiving gifts. We always search for the best as gifts are a sign of love, compassion, and acknowledgment. But if you're concerned about the environment, buying a bunch of gifts that will either go to waste or hurt the environment may make you wince. But what if we give you the top 10 eco-friendly and sustainable gift ideas? Excited already? Let’s take a look. 


gift green - sow love, reap happiness!

Gift with love in your heart, and the planet is your mind. Have a look at some amazing gifts we have lined up for you -


  1. coconut bowl -

If you have someone in your group who loves to cook, then you can make their cooking journey worthwhile. Also, if they are looking to go sustainable, then a coconut bowl is all they need. In India, a women-owned company named Thenga - an eco-friendly brand from the land of coconuts, sells bowls that have the core ingredient as coconut. Save coconuts from going to landfills by gifting something sustainable and eco-friendly. The word Thenga means coconut in Tamil. 


  1. collapsible coffee cups  -

Coffee lovers rejoice! Time for y’all to jump for joy!  Goli Soda has collapsible, reusable coffee cups that can be an excellent gift. They are typically made with a spill-proof lid and a sturdy base. Also, it is 100% leak-proof.


  1. paper water bottles -

Paper water bottles? Yes, it is as interesting to gift it as interesting it might sound to you! These water bottles are much more environmentally friendly than plastic water bottles.  Paper-based water bottles help to keep you and the environment safe from toxins. Check out India's only company Kagzi Bottles which manufactures paper water bottles. 


  1. eco-friendly backpacks -

I am sure we all have that so-called “wanderlust” friend and gifting them with something they might use easily while traveling is a great idea! This gift would be greatly appreciated by those who enjoy taking road trips. Clan Earth has a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable backpacks. Also, you can gift this to your college mate or a friend who is fond of bags.

  1. handmade multipurpose papers -

These are for your stationary and sustainability lover friend! Get the paper that is made up of cotton, linen, coffee husk, and other residual plant fibers such as lemongrass, corn husk, mulberry, banana, flax, and elephant poo. Look for some sustainable and handmade papers here at Bluecat Paper.


  1. eco-friendly cutlery sets -

Cutlery sets are now available in compostable varieties, making them ideal for the foodie friend who is also environmentally conscious. Almitra Sustainables have a huge variety of combos of coconut bowl and Cutlery Set. After multiple usages, simply place it in a compost bin.


  1. eco-friendly tableware -

No more Ziploc bags, please! Begin giving eco-friendly tableware as a gift to your friends and family. Instead of storing leftover food in plastic Ziploc bags, you can use this eco-friendly tableware and containers. It's ideal for bringing to parties, where there will almost certainly be plenty of leftover food. Ecoware has a vast variety of sustainable containers, cups, and trays.


  1. bamboo thermal flask  -

The eco-friendly flask can be scrubbed daily because the bamboo wrapping is protected by waterproof wax, which prevents mold from growing within. This thermal flask is appropriate and makes an excellent gift for family, peers, and relatives.


  1. reusable make-up pads -

This one is for your beauty-conscious friend/relative. We, as a society, have finally begun to discuss how harmful single-use plastic is and how it makes no sense to use it once and then discard it. Cotton, on the other hand, is a crop that requires a lot of water to grow, so why throw it away after only one use? Say no to disposable cotton pads in favor of washable, reusable ones that will last a lifetime! Earth Rhythm has a wide range of makeup pads and sustainable skincare and hair care products that can be a great gift for your loved one!


  1. eco-friendly kits -

Do you have a friend you'd like to assist in starting their eco-friendly journey? Or a family member who has expressed a desire to reduce their plastic consumption. From beeswax wraps to plastic-free toothpaste, naturally compostable kitchen brushes, eco-friendly soaps and shampoos, and reusable kitchen and bathroom products, show your special friend how simple it is to ditch the plastic and start doing their part for the planet! If you don't know any such Indian brands, then we can save your time! Head on to Goli Soda to unlock some more kits and gifts today!

how to think of more sustainable gift ideas 


If you're looking for more ways to make your day or occasion environmentally friendly, we have put up a list of fast wins to get you started:


Plan prior  -

Consider - which aspects of your life can you alter to lessen your environmental impact? Where can you replace parts with more environmentally friendly alternatives? Also, plan how much food you and your family will consume, minimize single-use plastic, and don't rely on environmentally harmful quick fixes.


Cut down on waste -

The appalling volumes of waste generated after any celebrations have always been noticed. Being aware of how much you're contributing to the problem can help you reduce waste and, as a result, your environmental footprint.


Keep an eye on the packing -

Avoid plastic packaging wherever feasible, whether it's on presents you give or food you buy. Buy local food and bring your containers, and buy eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones.


Reuse and recycle, when possible -

Buying less helps you save money and also reduces the amount of waste you produce. “NEVER REFUSE TO REUSE.” Reuse or re-gift whenever possible, and make sure that any garbage you produce is recyclable in Indian conditions or even better, home compostable.


Time to get creative! -

There are countless ways to decorate your home, give meaningful gifts, and make every occasion more planet-friendly. Allow your imagination to run wild, and set a goal for yourself to enjoy the most planet-friendly jamboree possible! 


So, what are you waiting for? Get a move on this and give it a go, as choosing gifts that are eco-friendly makes you look trendy! Remember, money can buy gifts, but not a new planet!


prarthana is a postgrad physics student, a fervent physicist who loves to revitalize and tweak articles on sustainability and technology. she can be found at instagram and linkedIn

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