Minimalism & its power to change the world!

Minimalism & its power to change the world!

How over consumption is ruining the planet ?
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Minimalism & its power to change the world!

Imagine you went to a mall to buy that one very important product that you needed. However, when you were leaving the mall, you had 10 more items in your shopping bag. We have all been through that phase at some point of time in our lives. It either happens with food, clothing, gadgets or any other product. 


Very honestly, question yourself!


Did you really need those things? 


What was the motivating factor for buying them? 


Maybe you saw them on TV or one of your friends or relatives had them. Maybe you just got attracted to the label and had the thought of having it with you to enjoy the ownership. Hard truth to accpet, however, it is the truth. 


Well, now you might think that, “It’s my money and my life. I can buy whatever I want, you don’t have to pay for it.”


We agree to that part, however, it’s not just you paying for it. The whole planet pays for the unnecessary goods that you buy. Whether it is clothing, food or any other electronic gadget, unnecessary consumption leads to much more disposal. 


Allow us to help you understand it better.  

How over consumption is ruining the planet ? 

Imagine you have a wonderful pair of footwear that can last for a few years. You bought them in January 2022 because you loved the beautiful design it had. You wore them for a few days regularly. After a few months you get bored of those shoes and bought a new pair. Imagine every individual on the planet replacing their shoes at the same speed. 


What will happen to the old one’s? 


The new shoes that you buy, which you didn’t even need will require lots of energy, resources and time for it’s creation. Similarly, overconsumption of electricity, water and other similar resources in your home or office are also impacting the planet. Being able to afford a technological equipment and it’s electricity expense does not give any individual the permission to use it beyond their need. 


As a result of overconsumption, there is increase in -

  • Use of renewable resources to meet the increasing needs, 

  • Green house gas emissions due to excess use of resources

  • Increased waste in landfills due to continuous disposal of products. 


These further results into climate crisis and soil-water-air pollution. While buying that extra pair of shoes, prima facie it doesn’t seem that harmful. However, when everybody buys one extra product regularly, it can have some serious implications on the planet. 

Well, what can be done? 

Minimalism is the path that will lead us all out of this problem. Let me just tell you that, minimalism is not about compromising or sacrificing your needs. It’s about making conscious choices so that you can cut down the unnecessary things from your life. 


Even if you keep the environmental impacts aside, minimalism literally has the power to help you get mental clarity and form a powerful energy in your physical space. When you only buy things that you need, your space will be much more clear and open. Minimalism is about simplicity, utility and sustainability at the end of the day. 

It sounds great, but how can it be practically implemented in my life ?

Okay. So, having understood about minimalism here are the first steps you can take from this moment to live a minimalist life. 


  • Use till it’s useless - Make sure to use all your products till they are in a usable condition. Dispose them only when they can’t be used anymore. If there is any kind of damage or issue with the product, resort to repairing it instead of buying a new one. 

  • Ask “WHY” - Before you set out to buy something or utilize any resource, ask yourself whether you really need it or not. On asking yourself a clear question, you will get to the source and will be easily able to eliminate some unncecessary products from your shopping bag. 

  • Clean often - Regularly decluttering your kitchen, closet and study table will bring across many unnecessary items in your home. Donate or share this items with those who can utilize it. Removing unnecessary items will bring much more clarity in your life too. 

  • Shift to reusable products - Napkins, straws, carry bags, sanitary products and many other disposable products can be replaced by reusable products. This will reduce the waste generation and also save your cost of buying them multiple times. 

  • Don’t judge others - Just because you have started this journey, don’t end up judging other for buying more than what you buy. This is not a part of the journey at all. Your actions will inspire people who pay attention to it. 


When you begin the journey of minimalism, you will end up saving a lot of time, money and space. The impact of minimalism on environment is secondary, the initial impact will be on your life. To experience the power of minimalism, begin your journey with simple steps mentioned above. Soon, this habit will become your lifestyle. 


brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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